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| rowlabelstyle12 = background: #fecdcd99;
| rowlabelstyle12 = background: #fecdcd99;
| rowdatastyle12 = background: #fecdcd33;
| rowdatastyle12 = background: #fecdcd33;
| header10 = {{#if:{{ifempty|{{yesno|{{{boss|}}}|no=}}|{{{boss-type|}}}|{{{boss-part-level|}}}|}}|Boss{{#if:{{yesno|{{{strong|}}}|no=}}{{yesno|{{{pet|}}}|no=}}{{{pet-level-from|}}}{{{pet-levels|}}}{{{levels|}}}{{{pet-feature|}}}{{{pet-features|}}}{{{feature|}}}{{{features|}}}{{yesno|{{{sea|{{{beastie|}}}}}}|no=}}{{{sea-names|}}}{{{names|}}}|[[Category:Monsters with conflicting type parameters]]}}}}
| header10 = {{#if:{{ifempty|{{yesno|{{{boss|}}}|no=}}|{{{boss-type|}}}|}}|Boss{{#if:{{yesno|{{{strong|}}}|no=}}{{yesno|{{{pet|}}}|no=}}{{{pet-level-from|}}}{{{pet-levels|}}}{{{levels|}}}{{{pet-feature|}}}{{{pet-features|}}}{{{feature|}}}{{{features|}}}{{yesno|{{{sea|{{{beastie|}}}}}}|no=}}{{{sea-names|}}}{{{names|}}}|[[Category:Monsters with conflicting type parameters]]}}}}
| label11 = Boss Type
| label11 = Boss Type
| data11 = {{#if:{{ifempty|{{yesno|{{{boss|}}}|no=}}|{{{boss-type|}}}|}}
| data11 = {{#if:{{ifempty|{{yesno|{{{boss|}}}|no=}}|{{{boss-type|}}}|}}

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Monsters of Godville
Description Unknown
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📚 Documentation

As well as automatically categorizing an article into Category:Monsters, this template supplies some standard information about the subject of the article. For details on how to create a monster article, refers to the Creators Manual and the Guideline: Monster Articles.

Parameter quick-start

The following is essential documentation for users of this template. Comprehensive documentation follows this section.

Boss types

The following codes can be used as arguments to |boss-type=.
|boss-type= Boss Type displayed Notes
above Above-Ground snowman is an exclusive variant
dig or ug Underground
quest Mini-Quest
1 or 1ab 1-Ability Dungeon AKA "Level 1" / "Class C" (old system)
2 or 2ab 2-Ability Dungeon AKA "Level 2" / "Class B"
3 or 3ab or tb 3-Ability Dungeon AKA "Level 3" / "Treasure Boss" / "Class A"
dungeon Dungeon (unknown/generic)

Implied subtypes

It is no longer required that |pet=yes, |boss=yes, or |sea=yes be used to create an infobox of the associated subtype. Setting a value for any of the associated subtype parameters (|boss-type= for bosses; |pet-level-from=, |pet-levels=, or |pet-feature= for pets; or |sea-names= for beasties) will imply the setting of the subtype switch.

The |type=yes switches may still be used, to activate the features for that type of infobox when none of the subtype parameters are being set.

Conflicting subtypes

If conflicting subtypes are set in the template, the template will add the page to Category:Monsters with conflicting type parameters. More information about conflicting types can be found there.


Optional but preferred — The full image file name.
If an image is not supplied, a placeholder will be used, and by default the template will place the {{picture}} hatnote before the infobox. Disable this if necessary with |ignore-no-image=yes (see below).
|caption=Image description
Optional — Use only if |image= is also set. Text of a descriptive caption to display beneath the image.
The class of the monster e.g. alien, feline, humanoid, demon, amphibian etc. Be reasonably exact but don't go overboard by using any taxonomy. (default: Unknown)
The habitat the monster is generally found in. (default: Unknown)
A brief description of the monster's appearance. (default: Unknown)
Optional — The monster's latin name. If set, will be listed directly underneath the article title at the top of the infobox. Automatically italicized.
Optional — Set this parameter to yes or any yes-like value to indicate this monster is a strong monster, as described at Monsters § Strong Monsters. This parameter should not be used for a boss-monster or beastie, but some monsters and some pets are strong monsters. This will categorise the monster into the Strong Monsters category.
Optional — The monster's typical health.
To find a monster's health, roll your mouse over the progress bar and it will give you a percentage (let's call it p1). Repeat until you get an EN entry where it tells you how many hp the monster got hit for (call it h). Then roll your mouse over to get the new percentage (call it p2). The health of the monster is: h/((p2-p1)/100).
Optional — Only include if the monster actually has a Death Rattle.
|artifact=Artifact Name
Optional — Only include if the monster actually has its own artifact. Will automatically link to the Godwiki article for that artifact.
|totem=Guild Name
Optional — The Guild which has this monster as its totem monster. Will automatically link to the Godwiki article for that Guild and the Guild's Godville page.
(Note: Setting |totem= will categorize the article into the Totem Monsters category.)
Optional — Date or dates when the monster was Wanted in the Godville Times.
In the field, write the word "Day" or "Days" and add the web.archive.org link of the g.e. day or days the monster was in the godville times. Don't write the letters "g.e." as those are automatically added.

Subtype parameters


(Note: Setting |boss-type= will categorize the article into the Boss-Monsters category.)

Optional — See the boss types table.


(Note: Setting |pet-level-from=, |pet-levels=, or |pet-feature= will categorize the article into the Pets category.)

Optional — The lowest level at which the pet can be tamed. The infobox will calculate the correct range, including pre- and post-ark levels ranges.
|pet-levels= or |levels=
Deprecated — The range of levels the hero must be in to be able to tame the pet. Ignored if the preferred parameter |pet-level-from= is set; please use it instead.
|pet-feature= or |pet-features=, |feature=, |features=
Optional — Only include if the pet actually has a feature listed in its stats. (default: Unknown)

Sea creatures (Beasties)

(Note: Setting |sea-names= will categorize the article into the Beasties category.)

|sea-names= or |names=
Optional — Set from 1/one to 5/five to indicate which strength level the Beastie has, which represents its "type". (Required with |sea=yes, default: Unknown.)

Subtype switches

|boss=yes, |pet=yes, |sea=yes,
Optional — If set to a positive value (such as yes, y, true, 1, etc.), activate the appropriate sub-category, title change, and categorization. Useful when none of the parameters related to the sub-type can be set.

Template functionality

Optional — Set to yes (or any similar positive-state value) to disable the automatic placement of {{Picture}} above the infobox.
Optional — Set to no to disable the automatic placement of the {{Top}} template on the article.

Examples of Use

Empty quick-start template

This has the most commonly used parameters ready to fill in. Paste this into an article for a quick start on your monster infobox. Unused parameters will be ignored (or appear as "Unknown").

| image = <!-- An image filename (e.g. Example_picture_name.jpg). If the filename doesn't exist, this gives you a link to upload it. -->
| caption = <!-- A caption to be displayed beneath the image. -->
| latin = <!-- a Latin-style species name, if known/made-up -->
| description = <!-- A short description of the monster. -->
| class = <!-- The class of monster, such as "Humanoid" or "Automata" -->
| habitat = <!-- Where the monster lives or thrives -->
| strong = <!-- Set this to yes if this is a strong monster. -->
| boss-type = <!-- One of: above, dig, quest, 1ab, 2ab, 3ab. See table for details. -->
| pet-level-from = <!-- The lowest hero level at which the pet can be tamed -->
| pet-feature = <!-- Rideable, Sailing, Dungeon, etc. -->
| sea-names = <!-- From 1 to 5, the strength level the Beastie has -->


Monsters of Godville
Class Demon
Habitat Hell, Swamps, and Old Shoes
Health 55
Death Rattle I'll be back!
Artifact Hell's Hailstone
Wanted on Day 1574 g.e.
Totem for James' Guild ⚜️ 
Description An evil red thing with an attitude
| image = Example.jpg
| caption = Example
| latin = 
| description = An evil red thing with an attitude
| class = Demon
| habitat = Hell, Swamps, and Old Shoes
| artifact = Hell's Hailstone
| health = 55
| rattle = I'll be back!
| totem = James' Guild
| wanted = Day [https://web.archive.org/web/20140830200611/http://godvillegame.com/news 1574]

Strong Monster

Strong Monsters of Godville
Deusvilla administrare
The almighty Godville Administrator.
Strong Monster
Class Supreme being
Habitat Everywhere
Artifact Invite to Godville
Description Giant anthropomorphic beings with great power
| image = GodvilleAdministrator.jpg
| caption = The almighty Godville Administrator.
| latin = Deusvilla administrare
| description = Giant anthropomorphic beings with great power
| class = Supreme being
| habitat = Everywhere
| strong = yes
| artifact = Invite to Godville


Pets of Godville
Example Pet
Class Important
Habitat Bottled water streams
Description Aquatic mammal
Tame at levels 18–32 (47 with ark)
Features Unknown
| image = Significantotter.jpg
| caption = Example Pet
| latin = 
| description = Aquatic mammal
| class = Important
| habitat = Bottled water streams
| pet-level-from = 18


Boss-Monsters of Godville
Example Boss
Class Squid
Habitat Dungeons and cubicles
Description A supervising future teller
Boss Type 3-Ability Dungeon
Part Level Level 3
| image = Bosstradamus.jpg
| caption = Example Boss
| latin = 
| description = A supervising future teller
| class = Squid
| habitat = Dungeons and cubicles
| boss-type = 3ab


Beasties of Godville
Example Beastie
Class Serrated Starfish
Habitat The surface of the water
Description A weaponized starfish
Type Single-Named
Strength Level 1: 10-19 HP
| image = ninjastar.jpg
| caption = Example Beastie
| latin = 
| description = A weaponized starfish
| class = Serrated Starfish
| habitat = The surface of the water
| sea-names = 1