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This template auto-categorises a page in the Heroes Category.


  • avatar - name of photograph file
  • god OR goddess - name of god OR goddess. This will automatically link to the god's wiki page.
  • personality - bit like alignment, you make it up
  • gender - your hero's gender
  • level - your hero's level
  • motto - your personal motto
  • guild - your guild. This will automatically link to your guild's wiki page.
  • rank - your rank in the guild (based on length of service; listed on the hero page in parenthesis after the guild name)
  • position - your position within the guild, given to you by the leaders of the guild (if applicable)
  • wonloss - your hero's wins and losses ratio
  • temple - date your hero completed his temple
  • pet - type of pet, e.g. solar bear. This will automatically link to the pet's wiki page.
  • petname - name of your hero's pet, e.g. Bess
  • petlevel - the level of your hero's pet
  • petres - number of times your pet has been resurrected, e.g. 3
  • town - your favorite town in the world of Godville. This will automatically link to the town's wiki page.
  • gold - the most gold your hero has ever had
  • monster - your hero's most hated monster. This will automatically link to the monster's wiki page.
  • rival - the name of your hero's personal rival
  • chronicles - a link to your hero's chronicles. You must code the link.

Example: BlueStapler