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|2|#default=H2}} style="min-width:5em;">{{{text|{{{1|Heading}}}}}}</{{#switch:{{{level|{{{l|}}}}}}
|2|#default=H2}} style="min-width:15em;">{{{text|{{{1|Heading}}}}}}</{{#switch:{{{level|{{{l|}}}}}}

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📚 Documentation

Convenience templates

The following templates can be used to create headings with {{heading}}.

Template Notes
{{h1|heading}} Creates a level 1 heading (NOTE: Normally not used)
{{h2|heading}} Creates a level 2 heading
{{h3|heading}} Creates a level 3 heading
{{h4|heading}} Creates a level 4 heading
{{h5|heading}} Creates a level 5 heading
{{h6|heading}} Creates a level 6 heading

Generic template

The generic {{heading}} template creates a heading at the specified |level=n (or |l=n), for n=1 through n=6 — the default is 2. The content of the heading is the value of |text= or the first unnamed parameter. (If neither is specified it will default to "Heading".)

Example of use

Creates a level 2 heading "History"
Creates a level 4 heading "Strengths"


All of these templates apply the following inline styling to the heading: min-width:15em;. This will help prevent the headings from being hidden behind infoboxes and other floated content, on mobile devices.