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📚 Documentation

This is the documentation for {{GE}}.

These templates convert an A.D. (Anno Domini) date into the equivalent G.E. (Godville Era) date as used in the Godville Times and when documenting the history of Godville. This is the first ever conversion tool of its kind (for the English Godville at least).


  • d - the day
  • m - the month (accepted as a month name or number)
  • y - the year

By default (if no parameters are unspecified), the current date is the one that gets given.

Instead of writing 'GE', it will also work if you write 'ge' instead.

You don't actually need to put those parameters, it'll use any positional parameters you give it in the order month|day|year (see the third example below).



  • Converts standard (Gregorian) calendar dates to a date in g.e. units, with no additional formatting.
  • Outputs the current date (in g.e. units) with no parameters.

{{date ge}}

  • Converts or formats dates g.e. units, with " g.e." appended (protected against line-wrapping).
    Note: Take care when using this template. Because its output ends with a period, it should not be followed by a period even at the end of a sentence.
  • When called in one-parameter form (either |ge= or a single unnamed parameter), outputs that value with " g.e." appended.
  • Outputs only a " g.e." suffix, when called with no parameters.
  • Does NOT support converting the current date to g.e. (a feature that as of this writing[1] is never used anywhere on the wiki)

Examples of use


The current date is {{ge}} g.e. appears as:
The current date is 3615 g.e.
The 5th of August 2013 was {{GE|d=5|m=august|y=2013}} g.e. appears as:
The 5th of August 2013 was 1183 g.e.
The 15th of December 2011 was {{ge|12|15|2011}} g.e. appears as:
The 15th of December 2011 was 621 g.e.

{{date ge}}

[[Godville (game)|Godville]] was born on {{date ge|ge=0}}! appears as:
Godville was born on 0 g.e.!
The 5th of August 2013 was {{date ge|1183}} appears as:
The 5th of August 2013 was 1183 g.e.
The 15th of December 2011 was {{date ge|12|15|2011}} appears as:
The 15th of December 2011 was 621 g.e.
[[JanuWiki 2019]] started on 3158{{date ge}} and ran for one month. appears as:
JanuWiki 2019 started on 3158 g.e. and ran for one month.


  1. On 2019-01-24 a.k.a. 3181 g.e.