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Gods have the ability to place ideas for what they think should be added to the game, into the almighty Ideabox. Unfortunately, most of these ideas tend to be dreadful. There's no other way of saying it: dreadful. As a result, many players complain about 'constant down voters' when in fact people are sick and tired of seeing consistently appalling ideas polluting what should be a laughter-inducing stroll through a collection of inventions spawned by the greatest minds in Godville. This article discusses the different categories of ideas and serves as a very good guide on what to expect when browsing the ideabox. Also included is the new failure rating system used to calclate how bad your idea was. (more...)

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This is the featured article of the week. Since August 2020, the template have been automated, and will rotate between 52 selected articles (or 53 if there is a 53th week). It is still possible though to include another article if necessary by enclosing the {{Featured/Rotation}} template with a comment tag like following:
<!-- {{Featured/Rotation}} --> .

The "Previously featured" line is also automated, so if an out-of-rotation article was included a previous week, it will be necessary to add it manually and to add a comment tag around the replaced {{Featured/Previous}}. The {{Featured/Previous}} template with |offset=-1 parameter represent the previous weekly article while the one with |offset=-2 represent the article featured two weeks ago.


Intended only to show a summary to the article, the following format should be used for a featured resume:

==Article title==
<div style="float:right;margin-left:0.5em;">
[[File:name of image file|frameless|upright=0.4|link=name of the article]]

Summary paragraph(s) of article goes here

([[Article title|'''more...''']])

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Note: Upright parameter can be adjusted according to the picture.

Formatting alternatives

The image can be placed to the left of the text, instead of the right. Which one looks better will depend on the article being featured. Simply reverse the float and margin- style parameters:

==Article title==
<div style="float:left;margin-right:0.5em;">
[[File:name of image file|frameless|upright=0.4|link=name of the article]]