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<div style="float:left;margin:0.5em 0.9em 0.4em 0;">[[Image:Rootbear.jpg|150px|Rootbear]]</div>
The '''Rootbear''' (''Ursus Orsus Radix'') is a bear [[boss-monster]], and the origin of all things unbearable in Godville. It's the '''wildest bear''' in Godville, but feeds on the sweet sap of the ''Sassafras'' tree, the source of ''Sarsaparilla'' or '''Rootbeer''', a non-alcoholic ''pagan beer'' feared by many heroes and tavern owners. Rootbears in turn feed on this fear by eating the many heroes and tavern owners but are mostly found in cellars and beer-ridden locations underground.
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Pets are a special kind of monsters that can be tamed once your Heroine reaches level 18. This is interesting to note, for owning a pet is one of the three main goals a Champion must accomplish during their lifetime.

In order to tame a pet, the hero should defeat a tamable monster from the table below. Then, the hero may randomly decide to spare the defeated monster's life and tame it. This event is major enough to appear in the Third Eye.

Once a pet is tamed, a stat box for it appears on the hero's page, showing its class, personality, age, and level. Other than keeping your hero healthy through a battle against a tamable monster, a god cannot influence the taming of a pet at all.

In the current Godville world, pets can't die. However, a powerful monster blow can knock a pet out, giving your hero 60 hours to revive it.

To heal or revive a knocked out pet, your hero has to pay a priest to do it during the praying phase in any town. How much gold is needed depends on the pet’s level — Gold needed = 450 * the level of pet. (More...)

Previously featured: Beer Golem -- Sailing

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📚 Documentation

This is the featured article of the week. Since August 2020, the template have been automated, and will rotate between 52 selected articles (or 53 if there is a 53th week).

It is still possible to include another article if one have been nominated through {{Featured/Nominations}} by enclosing the {{Featured/Rotation}} template with a comment tag like following:
<!-- {{Featured/Rotation}} --> .

The "Previously featured" line is also automated, so if an out-of-rotation article was included a previous week, it will be necessary to add it manually and to add a comment tag around the replaced {{Featured/Previous}}. The {{Featured/Previous}} template with |offset=-1 parameter represent the previous weekly article while the one with |offset=-2 represent the article featured two weeks ago.

Formatting of articles

Intended only to show a summary to the article the following format should be used for a featured resume:

==Article title==
<div style="float:right;margin-left:0.5em;">
[[File:name of image file|frameless|upright=0.4|link=name of the article]]

Summary paragraph(s) of article goes here

([[Article title|'''more...''']])

Previously featured: [[Previous]] – [[Next Previous]]

Note: Upright parameter can be adjusted according to the picture.

Formatting alternatives

The image can be placed to the left of the text, instead of the right. Which one looks better will depend on the article being featured. Simply reverse the float and margin- style parameters:

==Article title==
<div style="float:left;margin-right:0.5em;">
[[File:name of image file|frameless|upright=0.4|link=name of the article]]