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''From the Godwiki's [[Special:Newpages|newest content]] and News from the [http://godvillegame.com/forums Forum]:''
* ...that there are monsters for your {{hero-or-heroine|daily=1}} to '''[[Creatures|collect]]'''?
<div style="float:right;">
* ...that you can easily get '''[https://godvillegame.com/blog/post/92 free godpower]'''?
* ...that the '''[[Map of Godville|map]]''' and new '''[[towns]]''' have been '''[https://godvillegame.com/blog/post/113 introduced]'''?
* ...that {{heroes-or-heroines|daily=1|invert=1}} can be sent on '''[[side job]]s'''?
{{*mp}}...that there are monsters that can be '''[[Creatures|collected]]'''?
* ...that you can ask for help writing or editing Godwiki articles at '''[[Help:Requests]]'''?
{{*mp}}...that heroes can now go '''[[sailing]]''' and '''[[fishing]]'''?
{{*mp}}...that you can easily get '''[https://godvillegame.com/announcements/post/92 free godpower]'''?
{{*mp}}...that quests can have '''[http://godvillegame.com/forums/show_topic/2780 special endings]'''?
{{*mp}}...that there is a '''[https://godvillegame.com/pantheon/show/adventure new pantheon]'''?
<small>(Compiled from the [[Special:Newpages|newest Godwiki content]] and news from the [http://godvillegame.com/blog blog])<br />
''Edition'': December {{ordinal|20}}, 2018
<div style="text-align: left;" class="noprint">''Edition 06/09/2017''</div>
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(Compiled from the newest Godwiki content and news from the blog)
Edition: December 20th, 2018

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This is the 'Did you know...' section which appears on the wiki's Main Page.