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The telepony is a pretty special monster. It has the unique ability to teleport! This power has always been tipical for its species, since the they the first telepony was created.
The creator of this beings was a god that was pretty lonely. He was still a little child. One day after coming home from kindergarden he was suprised by his parents - they have bought him a pony. The child wassuper happy. He played with the little horse for a long time every day. 
But one day thegod decided to make a little experiment. He has been recently tought a lesson on how to give powers in kindergarden. This is something that all gods are supposed to know how to do - give powers to different things. So as I was saying the kid decided to make a small experiment on the horse - he tried to give it the power of teleportation. The god tought that he would succeed because he practised a lot in class. But it turned out that it was not enough. When the boy tried to enchant the horse, the magic turned it insane and evil. The animal started attacking everybody around it, including the boy. When the parents came home they tried to heal the horse but they could not do so. That is why they banished it to the human part of Godville. There it just continued its aggressive outburst before it calmed down. The pony then decided to take its revenge on the gods who banished it by killing their heroes. The only problem was that it did not know how they look. So the telepony - that is how it started to call itself after it came to earth - decided to just kill every hero it sees.