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Tavern Scene-David Teniers.jpg

Taverns are good places for a hero to stay overnight. You will always be greeted with open arms and treated to excellent meals and comfortable beds. Once you have parted with a couple of thousand gold coins of course. Depending on how much gold your hero has, taverns may cost dozens to thousands of gold coins.

It is no secret that heroes love drinking, and that they love wasting money on expensive things so don't be surprised to see your hero blow his/her hoard on a few pints. They are most notable in Beerburgh, where your hero is twice as likely to waste his hard (or easy) earned gold. Desperados are also commonly found here.

Unless you have an aura of abstinence, or your hero has just returned to Godville after completing a quest AND is on low health, this is unpreventable; so if you have >3000 coins, try to melt them into a gold brick before they get swapped for a beer. You will only find taverns in towns, usually After your hero has sold off his/her whole inventory and has had a nice heal. Once she is finished in the tavern he/she will normally continue with his/her quest, only to return to a town and find yet another tavern.