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You enter the tavern

You have ages to complete the quest, and one more night of fun couldn’t hurt. You enter the tavern despite the orders from your god. To your relief, no smiting occurs, and you spend the rest of the night with your fellow heroes in the tavern. You consciously leave aside a little bit of extra money, with which you intend to use to appease your god later, but now is a night of spending and good times.

It’s near mid-morning when you leave the tavern. You’ve accidentally stayed longer than you expected, so you have some apprehension upon stepping outside. The sun is very bright today, and you find yourself having to squint to make out details in your surroundings, though you pass this off as just an effect of the alcohol. Your other companions seem to have no such concerns and depart without you, most to go and pray. When you try to follow, the light becomes even more intense, and the world begins to spin. You lay your hand against the wall to stabilise yourself, and as you do so you hear the words of your god once more.

“I have waited long enough.”

Before the words have even finished, you feel a heavy pressure being applied to your chest in the vague location of your heart. It seems to have also constricted your breathing, for you are struggling to take in nearly as much oxygen as you need, and you push on the spot of pressure in the hope of alleviating some of it. For a moment, the light seems to become even brighter and the world to become even less stable under your feet, before the cobblestones rush up to greet you.

Softly and without fanfare, your body collapses on the floor. Had you been anywhere but the tavern, you may have survived- but here, heroes falling unconscious after a night of drinking is commonplace. It will take several hours before anyone tries to wake you, by which time you’ll be long dead. The Almighty One has stopped your heart for your impiety.

Sorry, your life as a hero has ended. This ending was written by GodFrapparition