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It's not required, but I'd really appreciate a head's up before you EXTENSIVELY edit the Righteous guild! Guildwiki. Thanks...

GodThe Mighty Stang 


Thank you for stopping by! If you'd care to leave a note, or a word of greeting, we would love to read it. At Righteous guild! we're honored by your presence, thank you for checking us out, and please hurry back!


If anyone has any idea of what our forum thread number is (or how to find it) I need it to complete the link in the Communications section. Thanks, Stang. GOT IT! PAGE 1955, THANKS GUYS!

Peak of 7938 unity 83 members LeSQ (talk) 09:45, 27 April 2014 (BST)

Add noncopyrighted guild emblem. Tick.png Done 10.08.18

Changing print in “whited out” areas back to red and add quotes. Yellowtick.png Partly done 10.13.18


If you have any items to mention on OUR Wiki page, especially BINGO! scores, please feel free to note them below and I Promise to transcribe them as quickly as possible. Thanks!

I need help trying to recreate the past leadership rolls and dates of service. Anyone with information prior to April 2015 (when I joined), please leave me a message here, or pm me GodThe Mighty Stang , thanks.

Town listings were originally included “In The News” solely as a legacy item, apparently from the days when it was much harder to get a guild notice in the GVT. My intentions are to only post one more 3% level then curtail them for space reasons to only extraordinary occasions (#1 in a location, multiple high scores, etc.). Comments?