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Info for waking the 2nd boss (requiring 200 pairs) was deducted from the comment below (first bold text) where 50f translates to 25%.

The name does not need to be the name of the lowest level part. See the items that I currently have. There is a lvl 1 part but the name is Aftermoth (a lvl 2 boss). I've seen this before when I had a second lvl 1 part.

I suspect the choice is made based upon the % of the boss that is created. E.g. 0-100% or 0-150% is lvl 1 100-200% or 150-250% is lvl 2 > 200 or 250 is lvl 3.

Cementalist (71%) @

Lab Pairs 71m, 50f (25%)

Fur Megahurtz (lvl 3) [x]

Horns Shamaniac (lvl 3) [x]

Ear Thug-of-war (lvl 3) [x]

Eye Ark Enemy (lvl 3) [x]

Heart Obscentinel (lvl 3) [x]

Rib Magnum Octopus (lvl 2) [x]

Fillet Ducktator (lvl 3) [x]

Paw Aftermoth (lvl 2) [x]

Hoof Oxydjinn (lvl 3) [x]

Tail Mini-Thug-of-war (lvl 1) [x]

Aftermoth with power of 170% (out of 300%) can be created from these parts.

And apologies for the lazy layout, didn't know how to attach a screenshot