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This week’s featured topic: Personality Quiz

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What doesn't kill you typically maims you. • #42

Which Weekly Harvest Staffer Are You?

Striving to be as evil as “Cosmo”...

The Harvest Moon Personality Quiz

  • 1: You really need to win this match! The gold is exactly enough for you to achieve the goal you’ve been trying so hard to reach. Your opponent stands before you, sadly winning. What do you do to gain ground and defeat him?
  1. Stay calm and use ANYTHING to gain hp (or make them lose it). ANYTHING.
  2. Punish against all odds.
  3. Friend him and PM him repeatedly as a distraction.
  4. Surprise them by serial encouraging. If that fails, scream, cuss and throw my phone across the room.
  5. Depends on a few factors, but I might … punish.
  6. I have my methods…
  7. I wish I could have done more practice…

  • 2: Something in the council made you laugh. What was it, most likely?
  1. The guild curmudgeon being curmudgeonly (Hi, Belt!).
  2. Conversation.
  3. Auto carrot.
  4. Belt’s poo jokes.
  5. Something funny. Possibly a conversation unrelated to the game.
  6. I put them in a jar again! :D
  7. Guild role-play. Bet they got me into a jar again…

  • 3: The guild is quiet. Too quiet. You have a feeling something’s going to happen. What do you think it will be?
  1. 77 in (Hi HP!).
  2. A murder mystery.
  3. The troll will be released.
  4. HP streaking through the guild council sans sock.
  5. KRAK- A-THOOM! Dramatic thunder!
  6. A party.
  7. I probably would’ve broken the silence.

  • 4: Something’s caught your eye in the Weekly Harvest. What word drew your attention?
  1. Underwear.
  2. Encourage.
  3. Sock.
  4. Crossed-eyed.
  5. I always read (almost) all of the content, so I don’t know.
  6. CAT!
  7. reFeRencE tO Something I reCogNizeD.

  • 5: You have a day to yourself to spend however way you wish. Where would you most likely be found?
  1. In a tavern or in my lab doing…”research”
  2. The HM spa.
  3. The Closet.
  4. In Harvest Moon’s Day Spa, of course.
  5. At home, on the couch. I’m lazy.
  6. In a field of flowers. BURNING THEM!
  7. Nose in a book.

  • 6: Your hero’s gotten boring. It’s time to find something a little more entertaining. What’s next on your list?
  1. I sense a new alt about to be born…
  2. Knitting.
  3. Honored Achievements.
  4. A trip to Altoholics Anonymous with a brand-spanking-new alt!
  5. Palringo is what I usually go to for fun.
  6. Wouldn’t happen. My hero is too interesting.
  7. Think of creative ways to torture my heroine.

  • 7: You don’t know how it happened, you just woke up and…well you’re not taking the blame. Weird goo has gotten on a certain member’s shirt that also happens to be your favorites color. What color is it?
  1. Midnight blue (looks amazing on my floor – goo or no goo).
  2. Blood.
  3. Jade Green.
  4. Blood Red.
  5. Green, dark blue or purple.
  6. All shades of blue. Especially Prussian Blue!
  7. I’ll start with sky blue, then morph into other colors until it can give people an epileptic seizure.

  • 8: Your stomach’s growling. You’re craving your favorite Harvest Moon treat. What is it called?
  1. Fresh kitty sammich with onions, sharp cheddar and Russian dressing.
  2. Kitten sammies.
  3. Kitten sammiches.
  4. Popped Kitten Puffs.
  5. Dark Flame on a kitty sammich.
  6. Salted puppy jerky.
  7. Something salty.

  • 9: A member needs your help and you have what they need. What is your skill?
  1. Reviving pets.
  2. Giving advice.
  3. Arena'ing.
  4. Shaking my Fabulass©.
  5. Trivia.
  6. Taming cats.
  7. Fast talking my way out of trouble.

  • 10: A random thought goes through your head. What most likely are you thinking?
  1. I wonder what wine goes best with _his_ meatloaf?
  2. /dev/random.
  3. Milk.
  4. Bacon.
  5. Probably something very remotely related to the context, through several other things.
  7. I don’t want to do this anymore… I think we’re done here.

Read the rest of this issue to discover which WH Staffer you’ve clearly been stalking is most like you!

Over the Moon

Games and winners and prizes! Oh, my!
We’ll bring you another quiz next week for your chance to compete in the next Championship. Until then, sharpen your wit and hone your trivia skills!

Congratulations to last week’s winner, GodRaindropstop  who is our fourth and final contestant in this month’s Over the Moon Championship round! She’ll be joining GodGodofbeer , GodNever More  and GodRosalind Vivian  in the Championship. Who will take home the title? Stay tuned!

News Briefs

What: A new guild!
When: NOW!
Where: The Red Slate guild forum.
Why: Stop by and welcome the new neighbors.

Member of the Week

Sooo happy and … fuzzy and … creepy!
Get to know a member of Harvest Moon! This week's guest is: GodTeak 
  • Q: How did you choose HM?
  • A: There aren't a lot of evil guilds out there, and HM is the biggest and the baddest of them. :)
  • Q: What song do you love to dance to?
  • A: The 1812 Overture, though I tend to go a little overboard with the lightning bolts… Who am I kidding? It's not possible to go overboard with lightning bolts.
  • Q: Where does your heroine hide her coin purse?
  • A: She has a coin purse? Oh, perhaps it's that thing she always has hanging from her walking stick, like some sort of deflated and defeated flag the wind never touches. I didn't recognize it because its always empty.
  • Q: What advice would you give a young player?
  • A: Punish punish punish!
  • Q: What toppings do you like on your kitten sammiches?
  • A: Puppy pâté and crispy charred cricket, mmmm de-licious!
  • Q: Do you get emotional using Encourage when in times of crisis?
  • A: Does rage quitting count as getting emotional?
  • Q: Where would your heroine go on their first date...assuming they ever get one?
  • A: We all know the answer to that one… Chuck E Cheese!
  • Q: If you could change one thing about the city of Godville, what would it be?
  • A: Free beer, maybe my temple could finally be completed then.


Selling Evil Since Day 898 g.e.
WANTED: Pet trainer. Must be a fast runner and have spare pants. For more information call: 555-NOO-BITE. Quick! Ouch! Spot, stop that!

FREE: God power! Spend 3500 coins, plus shipping and handling, and get your days’ worth of God power FREE! Limited time offer! Call 555-WUT-SCAM

NEW LOCATION: The “Better Now” Clinic has moved to Beerburgh! New location, same philosophy. We DO NOT let inexperienced doctors poke, prod and tear our patients. We use only the finest, top of the line surgeons for those needs. Visit us today!

FREE: Kittens free to a good home. I’ll even give you a month’s worth of cat food - just take the dang cats! Their meowing is keeping me up all night. Call MEOW-PLZ. I need them out meow… I mean now!

Hidden Shadows Riddles

This Week’s Riddle:

I can be cross, but never cruel.
I'll be sorry, but not guilty.
I can be spooked, but not anxious.
I'm sweet, but think candy and you’re wrong.
Though I can be swallowed, I will never be eaten.
What am I?

When is a door not a door?
Congratulations to GodGodofbeer  for answering last week’s riddle! He’s clearly motivated to become a star at the Sowing Sun theater. Watch for him in this Sunday’s Sock Puppet play!

Answer this week’s riddle and get your chance to shine! Good luck!

How to play:
1. The riddle will be posted here (and only here) in The Weekly Harvest.
2. Answers should be posted on Hidden Shadows guild forum.
3. You have 3 guesses. Once you’ve used those 3, you will be unable to guess again.
4. If the riddle goes unanswered for five days, anyone can guess regardless of number of previous guesses.
5. The answer will be posted the day of the new riddle if there isn’t a winner.
6. The winner will get a spot in the Sowing Sun Sunday sock puppet play!

Personality Quiz “Answers”

So… Which WH Staffer are you most like?

See your score! Add all your points together to see your exact score.

If you scored 10-18, you’re most like:
GodDoctor Frank-n-furter 
Fellow member has a pet down? You’re the God to go to. Calm, clear headed and a bit scary, you find the humor in almost any situation. With a whole lab at your disposal, you can confidently say you know a thing or two about Godville. If someone has a question, your lab doors are almost always open. You invite them to stop by… and perhaps stay for a bite…

If you scored 19-26, you’re most like:
Ever loyal to the Blood Moon, the word “Encourage” is a major pet peeve of yours. When backed into a corner, the punish button is your best friend. You’re known for your great advice, curious mind and fun-loving personality. After a long day in the arena you would most likely be found kicking back in the Harvest Moon spa, Kitten Sammies by your side.

If you scored 27-35, you’re most like:
You have no fear of confined spaces, and have a slightly disturbing love for smelly well-worn, inanimate objects. Others see past your eccentricities and recognize you for your loyalty to your Guild and your friends. After a long day in the arena… you go to the arena again! One day, you’ll have all of the “a cheap mints” Godville has to offer.

If you scored 36-43, you’re most like:
GodBellatrixie The Strange 
Evil is your best friend. You laugh in the face of danger, all the while eating popped kitten puffs and demanding your minions show you the proper respect. Your humor and self-confidence are two of the many traits that Gods admire about you, but it's your strong sense of leadership and loyalty that keeps them knocking on your Guild door.

If you scored 44-52, you’re most like:
Over analytical to a benefit all who meet you. Not only do you possess the ability to make up words, but entire languages. If everybody had one of you in their pocket there would be no need for smartphones as you know all. Your genius is only outdone by your creativity.

If you scored 53-61, you’re most like:
You may not be the eldest, but you are working on becoming the most delightfully evil member of your guild. With a passion for fun and a penchant for mischief, you’re very good at being up to no good. Your sense of humor and creativity are admired and enjoyed by all who meet you.

If you scored 62-70, you’re most like:
GodSomnias Vagus 
Not one to divulge your secrets, you manage to surprise your fellow God/desses on a regular basis. Whether you’re sketching your hero/ine’s latest adventure, or Punishing them to within an inch of their life, you’re doing it with style! There’s never a dull moment when you’re around.

Special Announcements

Let us know if you or someone you know hits a GV milestone - whoa! Not that kind of milestone, silly! Every hero travels, we mean hitting Cardinal or Prophet; playing for 666 days; a birthday, Godiversary, or other great event… Let us know and we’ll put it right here in the Weekly Harvest!

A Hero’s Chronicle

By: For this week's edition we have a special guest! GodBrinjal 
Missed last week’s? Click here!

We couldn't find this week's forecast, but it's predicted to be found next week.

Special Thanks to our staff writers: Bellatrixie the Strange, Belteshazzar, Doctor Frank-n-Furter, Elementarion, Hairplug4men, Lady Darkness, Mistress of Science and Zeerty. Content contributors: Cecceticat, Iduna, Makaze, Raindropstop and SourceRunner. Staff photographer: Bellatrixie the Strange.
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