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This week’s featured topic: Digging Up Monsters

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Soup of the Day: Cream of Kitten #16

Digging Up Monsters

Grrr! Rawr!

Digging Up Monsters: How to find them and what to do with them when you do.

How to find them? Read the digging advice GodMarked8  posted in the forum or check out the super-helpful wiki of GodSBFH .

What to do with them? Kill them, of course! Standard arena rules apply. Each boss can come at you with one, two, or three abilities, however, so you’ll want to prepare yourself before going in. Below we’ll discuss not just the abilities, but how to handle them in a way that makes others see you as an ally they want by their side in a boss fight.

  • Auriferous monsters make gold out of random stones, the heroes’ artifacts, and the heroes’ blood (this last one does damage to the hero). Many folks dig to collect gold for their temples, pet revivals, and donations and are interested in getting as much gold as possible out of a boss. Depending on the other abilities this is combined with, the goal would be to keep the monster alive as long as possible in order to maximize the amount of gold each hero gets. In other words: Don’t hit the beastie!
  • Deafening monsters “shout down” your Voice Commands (VCs). The occasional prayer has been known to get through, but it’s best to save your Godpower (GP) on Encouraging to heal and Punish to damage the monster if those options are available to you.
  • Faithless monsters are immune to punishes. To end this fight quicker, you’ll want to use attack VCs (if the monster isn’t also Deafening). Bonus: the boss is also immune to Encourage backfires, so you don’t have to worry about healing the boss that way.
  • Hulking monsters have extra health as compared to non-Hulking monsters of the same “species.” The weaker monsters (like the Squirmisher) get around an extra 50%, but the tough guys (such as the Dragonandon) can get an extra 90%. This doesn’t change your ability to act against them, but may change your strategy when you see it may be a longer fight. Pray commands are your friends!
  • Leeching monsters heal themselves by “leeching” off of your Encourages. This means you have a high chance of healing the monster by healing your hero with an Encourage. It doesn’t usually heal them as much as it heals you. While it’s considered poor sportsmanship to Encourage if you don’t need to, by all means, do what you need to survive! The Leeching, Auriferous monster is one of the most sought after in all of Godville as Leeching means keeping an Auriferous monster alive longer which means more gold for everyone. The monster may start trying and failing to leech after a while.
  • Pickpocketing monsters steal the heroes’ artifacts and either put them in inventory or use them to heal themselves a bit. The monster’s inventory is divided up amongst the survivors at the end of the match. Unless you have a precious item you want to keep, there’s no real reason to panic about this guy. You’ll still end up with more than you started with.
  • Summoning monsters call in a little “mini” monster to help them once their health hits around 50%. The mini has about 30% of the original boss’ health. If you and your allies act quickly (and aren’t blocked by other abilities), you may be able to kill the original boss before it summons, but this is rare. Expect it to add a few extra steps to your boss fight and plan accordingly. Mini monsters do not have abilities and can be affected by things the original boss isn’t. There is no guarantee which monster your action/VC will target, however, so if GP is a concern, follow the original monster’s “rules.”
  • Squandering monsters eat their artifacts and gold during the fight. Most people prefer to kill them quickly unless they are only in it for the Hunter achievement and don’t care about the loot.
  • Sweeping monsters have the ability to hit all of the heroes at the same time while others have to “choose” which one to hit. Watch your health with these ones!

Most of the active diggers will do their best to help you stay alive if you put forth a little effort to kill the monster and stay alive while doing so. There’s no need to expend a bunch of charges on these guys. Helping your ally out via VC if they clearly have no clue about an ability and pitching in a bit can go a long ways. Happy digging!

At Home with Bella Stewart

Queen of evil
Advice from the Mavin of the Macabre, the Mistress of Mystery, our very own Empress: Bellatrixie The Strange!

Last week I announced I'd be answering more readers' questions today, so let's go straight to the old mailbag and see what we've got, shall we? Oh, look! That's right, it's empty. Not to worry. I learned last time not to underestimate the apathy of my audience, so I have a backup plan. And you're in luck - I'm not going to sing.

It's a well-known fact that Harvest, Moonies...erm, Moononites....members of Harvest Moon are not early risers. By the time I roll out of bed, get dressed, snarl my hair and hike over to Blue Feather for breakfast, their baked goods are long gone. So the other day while having a few drinks with GodSarika , I managed to talk her into sharing her most famous recipe with me. Well, she was actually passed out, but I know she would have wanted me to have it. So today, we will be making Sarika's Godville-Famous Cinnamon Rolls!

Okay! First, I'll just pour myself a glass of Dark Flame to sip as we assemble the ingredients. Mmmmm, good! Right. We'll need flour, salt, cinnamon (I swiped, I mean borrowed some from Blue Feather), sugar (thanks again, BF), and yeast. Hmmm...yeast...I bet beer would work. I mean, there's beer bread, right? Oops, need a refill of Dark Flame. Alright! Get a big bowl, and put a bunch of flour in there. Don't worry, weevils are very nutritious! Just don't let the little buggers escape. Add a few shakes of salt, some sugar, and a big splash of beer. Oh. I guess I didn't need to open a whole quart. Well, waste not, want not. I'll just drink the rest. Mix it up well and let it rise while you go to the bar for a few. This is fun!

[An hour later] Well, now, let's jush...just see how it's doin' there. Ooh! It's all puffy 'n soft! Now we jus' squoosh it all down again. I like that word, squoosh, don' you? Squoooooshhhh. Yep. Squooshy. Okay. Now we gotta roll it out like a big ol' pancake. Rolling pin...rolling pin...ya know? I don' think we have one. Huh. Think I'll jus' have another lil' Dark Flame and think about this.

[Ten minutes later] Okiedokie, then! I'm jus' gonna flop this outta th' bowl onta th' counter - whoopsie! Okay, on the floor, then, an' sit on it! Whee! Ish jus' like a whoopie cushie! Cushion! Woohoo! Who knew bakin' was sho mush fun? Yep, s'all mooshed flat now. Now we spinkle...sprinkle cinnaninamom ' n sugar allll over th' place an' roll it up like a big ol' snakiepoo. Looks kinda like my feather boa conscriptor...consipter...whatever. Lemme see, whazzit say to do nex' - gotta close one eye...tha's better. Cut the pretty lil' snake into pieces? Nooo no no, not me. Poor lil' snake. I'll jus' bend it aroun' in the pan an' pop it in th' oven. There! Now back to th' bar while it bakes.

[Wakes up with her cheek stuck to the bar and smoke billowing out of the kitchen] Ooh! I think it mus' be done! Les' jus' take it outta th' oven an' douse th' flames. Okay, Harvest Moon! Come 'n get it! Oof...I need a nap.

Next week: [We don't know. She's passed out. - the editors]

Down in the dumps about your home or temple's decor? Send GodBellatrixie the Strange  (aka Bella Stewart) your questions directly or submit them to any member of the newspaper staff.

Famous HM Heroes This Week

#777 GODVILLE TIMES Day 1015 g.e.
Simply Confused - 50th-level adventurer, member of the “Harvest Moon”guild, with the motto “ I'm so confused....what?”, stands at the 179th position in the pantheon of gladiatorship under the vigilant supervision of the goddess GodAbsent Goddess . Her dream is to master the “opacity control” skill and then offer lessons in exchange for gold bricks.
#778 GODVILLE TIMES Day 1016 g.e.
Lufus - 66th-level adventurer, member of the “Harvest Moon” guild, with the motto “Amulet of Yendor or bust!”, stands at the 117th position in the pantheon of destruction under the vigilant supervision of the god GodFalke . He's asking someone to get the best of both worlds and report the results via express mail.

Get To Know a Deity

If he’s doing it, it must be right!
Here we sit down weekly with a Harvest Moon warrior and find out what makes them tick. This week’s Deity is our very own Tutor is Demonic Law: GodTchulmaak 
  • Q: What is your favorite salty snack?
  • A: Chili-cheese fries from Wienerschnitzel.
  • Q: What song do you love to dance to?
  • A: "Groove is in the heart" by Dee-Lite.
  • Q: What are your heroine’s marketable skills?
  • A: My heroine has few marketable skills aside from making decorative lampshades from the skin of her arena victims.
  • Q: Do you get emotional using Encourage when in times of crisis?
  • A: Yes, especially if having to serial encourage when my heroine is being "pushed into the hole" in an arena fight.
  • Q: Do you have any hidden talents?
  • A: When making a cappuccino, I make the froth so thick, you can float a quarter on top.
  • Q: How do you like to spend your spare time?
  • A: macramé, noodling for catfish, and long walks on the beach.

If you have a burning question for Harvest Moon's Deities, please submit them to the staff. Thank you!


Selling Evil Since Day 898 g.e.
WANTED: Something to sell, barter or steal from the Weekly Harvest Classifieds. Anything. Really. Please send us your ads!

Doctor Frank's Advice Corner

An evil queen
Dear Dr. Frank,

Last week I followed your advice to line my cold, gold-brick toilet seat with kitten fur to keep it warm. But you didn't mention that I had to remove the fur from the kittens first. Now I have scratches on my behind, and the chef won't take the kittens back. What do I do with the kittens?

Signed, Too many kitties, no sammiches :(

Dearest Can’t follow directions >:/

And I quote from last week's issue (really... did you read it?):

  • Ask the kitten shaving members of the HM kitchen staff for the fur...

...ask for the FUR! Not the kittens! Oh, what a waste! The only thing to be done with them now is to use them as belated (and tainted, therefore truly evil) Valentine’s gifts for your goody-goodie acquaintances. “Sorry it’s late, but I thought of you! I made it myself! Err... picked it out myself! Just for you! Yeah, that’s the ticket!” Mwahahahaha!


~Dr. Frank

No question is too great or too small! Submit your questions for GodDoctor Frank-n-furter  to any member of the staff. No invites? Send them via email to

Over the Moon

We've got games, we've got prizes... Theme song? Anyone? Bueller?
How to play:
  • Each week, there will be four “questions” posted here (and only here) in the Weekly Harvest. Answers to the questions can be found in the wiki, on the HM web site, in the forums or will be math/logic-based.
  • Your “answers” must be in question form (a-la Jeopardy!).
  • Answers must be submitted via the Harvest Moon Forum. Answers only, please! Don’t give away the questions to non-WH readers.
  • The first god/dess to get all four questions right will win four (4) charges and be automatically entered to play in the Over the Moon Championship, held monthly on Palringo (yes, you’ll need to join Pal to play).
  • The winner of the OtM Championship (to be based on a different game show each month) will receive 45 charges!!

This week’s Answers:

  1. At this level the hero obtains his final skill.
  2. Actual news from GV: Stuck in traffic waiting for a "-----" of sheep to cross the road...'
  3. Mistress of Science been an HM officer since this date.
  4. A brand new god spends 3 charges a day punishing until Fiend, 2nd Rank. He then spends 7 charges every day. If using those charges are the only time the god punishes, then this is the number of days it will take to reach Fiend, 1st Rank.

Congratulations to last week’s winner: GodElementarion ! El joins Artsonian and Giggles in this month’s OtM Championship. There’s ONE spot left! Who will go up against these three wickedly witty Weekly Harvest readers? It could be you! See you in the forum! Good luck!

Special Announcements

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new member in our extended Godville family.

GodPoppa Azure  welcomes his son, Fenrir, into the world today, 1017 g.e.

Congratulations and best wishes, to the proud Poppa and his newly-expanded family!

Special Thanks to our staff writers: Azzip, Bellatrixie the Strange, Cecceticat, Doctor Frank-n-Furter, Hairplug4men, Iduna, Jarlbank, Lady Darkness, Lady Shadows, Magic Merlin, Mistress of Science, Syrocko and Zeerty. Staff photographers: Bellatrixie the Strange, Kure. Issue #1 Issue #2 Issue #3 Issue #4 Issue #5 Issue #6 Issue #7 Issue #8 Issue #9 Issue #10 Issue #11 Issue #12 Issue #13 Issue #14 Issue #15