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Welcome to SummerWiki 2019
Sea, Beasties and Other Questing!
The event is currently on construction. If you want to partipate in the creation of the event, join the Talk page of the event!


Please read the whole Introduction before starting up. If you have already read all of this, you can jump to the List of subjects.

Temporary Dates

The event is planned to start on : 15th June 2019

Opening of the List of Subject

The event is planned to close on : 15th August 2019

Acceptance of entries past this date is at reviewers' discretion

Closure Words : When judging is done!

Opening Words

Summer is here! For the Gods and Goddesses in the north hemisphere, the incomming months will often rhymes with sea and sun! The perfect moment to bring a lot of articles to life so they can also benefit from the gentle breeze of the sea and the shiny sun.

Which lead us to SummerWiki 2019 : "Sea, Beasties and Other Questing!", an event organised by players for players to encourage and celebrate creativity on the GodWiki!

Write new articles, expend already existing ones or simply add picture. Every contribution is valuable for both SummerWiki 2019 and GodWiki as a whole!

Writing an article will grant your guild points in the Pantheon of Wikidness and by contributing to GodWiki during SummerWiki 2019 you may even earn charges with the Side Jobs!

The principles of SummerWiki 2019 are the Rules of the GodWiki in general.

Thanks for your participation and have a creative SummerWiki 2019!

Getting Started

Pick a subject...

Below, you'll find Summer themed lists with red links of Artifacts/Equipment/Monsters/Quests. When you have choose the article you want to write on, just click the red link to create a page!

We'd recommand you to start your writing by creating the page with this template at the top of your article:

{{Godwiki event construction|author={{subst:REVISIONUSER}}}}

This template will signal that you're going to work on it, and add it as a SummerWiki 2019 contribution. You can also change the status of the article in the list of subjects afterward.

We'll ask writers to work on only one article at a time, so everyone can get an article to write on. But feel free to start a new article one when you're done with one.

... and Write!

Creativity is the most important word to keep in mind when writing your article.

If you aren't familiar with the Godwiki, the Creators Manual present global tips and tools on how to write an article while you can find category-specific recommandations in the Guidelines.

You can also take example from the articles made during JanuWiki 2019 to get some inspiration on what kind of formatting and ideas you can use in your own article(s).


When finished

Remplace the template you put at the top of your page by : {{Godwiki event review}} AND then, post a note at the SummerWiki 2019 review on the Help:Requests (more direct link to add later) page so that a reviewer can come and check your entry.

Again, once your article is completed and awaiting review, feel free to start another SummerWiki 2019 article if you wish!

Don't forget to keep an eye on your articles under review, though: volunteer editors will take a look over it, and if they have any questions or advice for you, they'll leave notes on the article's discussion page (known as its "Talk: page").

When the review is finished, a volunteer editor will add your article to the list in the "Progress" section, and give you the credit (and points) you've earned!


Points for the Pantheon of Wikidness
Add an image to an article 2 points
Create a new article 4 points
Expand a stub into an article 4 points
Create/expand and add an image 6 points


My English isn't very good, can I join in?

Absolutely! The Godville community is rich and varied, and there are a lot of deities who aren't native speakers of English. SummerWiki is a festival of creativity, and the only things we need to have in common are Godville and enthusiasm.
Every SummerWiki article will receive the careful attention of a volunteer editor, who will do their very best to ensure your creativity shines through, regardless of your written English skills.

Can I create an article that's not on the list?

Absolutely! Create whatever you like! The SummerWiki list is for ideas, not for limits. If you create a quality article unrelated to the theme during SummerWiki and would like it to be counted, let our volunteer editors know at Help:Requests and they will give it the same treatment as any other SummerWiki content.

How can I get help with my article?

We have set up a page at Help:Requests where anyone can seek help with their GodWiki creations. There's a place where you can put up a request for help with spelling, grammar, phrasing, or simply ask for a general review of a page. There's also a place where you can put up a request for help with some technical aspect of the wiki. There are volunteer editors who will help you out, by looking at your page and making helpful changes.
You can see what changes have been made to any page on the "History" tab. Our volunteer editors will try to leave edit summaries in the page history, and will also leave a summary of what they've done at Help:Requests. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the Talk: page associated with the article you've requested help with, in case there's something the volunteer editor wants to ask or discuss.

List of Subjects

Side Jobs

Entropic Interlink Special

Rewarding the best linking to others articles.

Score could be something like: [(sum score of each link / amount of links)] + amount of links/3

"Minor edit: Templated and Stubbed" ?

Rewarding ... ?

An Artistic Touch

Rewarding best added pictures (Original pictures only ? ) 4 charges for 3to5 rewarded pictures?

Jury Special Price

Rewarding favorite article of the jury

From 3 to 5 articles rewarded?

It could be rewarded as (I don't really know how valuable is an article in term of charges :p)

  • First with 22charges
  • Second with 16charges
  • Third with 12charges
  • Fourth with 8charges
  • Fifth with 4 charges

Shall this category limited to one candidate by writer? ?






Stubs are articles that needs to be extended or/and rewritten.

Pictures Needed


Disclaimer: Only reviewers may update this section. Thanks.

Guild Pantheon of Wikidness

Guild Pantheon of Wikidness
Emblem Guild Partipating Gods Points
Example.jpg Guild exemple God A + God B + God C XYpts
QuestPlaceholder.jpg Anotherguild God D + God E XDpts
SkillPlaceholder.jpg Guildonation God F Kpts

Gods Pantheon of Wikidness

God Pantheon of Wikidness
Gods Guild Points Contributions
God A Guild Exemple FDpts Contribution A (Xpts) Contribution B (Ypts) Contribution C (Zpts)
God B Guild Exemple CVpts Contribution D (Epts) Contribution F (Jpts)
God F Guildonation FDpts Contribution G (Xpts) Contribution E (Ypts) Contribution R (Zpts)

Side Jobs Candidates

Entropic Interlink Special

SummerWiki 2019
🐟 Monsters🐟 Aquaphobic Fish • Copfish
🐚 Artifacts 🐚 Ark safety checklist • Bottle of demonade • Coy fish • Exotic seashell • Fool's goldfish • Pocketful of sunshine • Shellphone
👙 Equipment 👙 Water balloon launcher
💠 Others 💠 Beasties