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<span style="text-align: center;">{{fake heading|Sea, Beasties and Other Questing!|level=2}}</span>
<span style="text-align: center;">{{fake heading|Sea, Beasties and Other Questing!|level=2}}</span>
{{fake heading|'''SummerWiki 2019 will sail the 15th June!'''|level=3}}
{{fake heading|'''SummerWiki 2019 will sail the 15th June!'''|level=3}}
<!--{{fake heading|'''Submissions are now open until the 15th August!'''|level=3}}-->
<!--{{fake heading|'''Submissions are now open until the 15th August inclusive!'''|level=3}}-->
<!--{{fake heading|'''Thanks for your submissions! Jury will now nominate entries for the Golden Brick!'''|level=3}}-->
<!--{{fake heading|'''Thanks for your submissions! Jury will now nominate entries for the Golden Brick!'''|level=3}}-->
<!--{{fake heading|'''Vote for the SummerWiki 2019 Golden Brick are now open!'''|level=3}}-->
<!--{{fake heading|'''Vote for the SummerWiki 2019 Golden Brick are now open!'''|level=3}}-->

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Welcome to SummerWiki 2019
Sea, Beasties and Other Questing!
SummerWiki 2019 will sail the 15th June!


Please read the whole Introduction before starting up. If you have already read all of this, you can jump to the List of subjects.

Opening Words

Summer is here! For most of the Gods and Goddesses, the incomming months will rhymes with sea and sun! The perfect moment to bring a lot of articles to life so they can also benefit from the gentle breeze of the sea and the shiny sun.

Which lead us to SummerWiki 2019 : "Sea, Beasties and Other Questing!", an event organised by players for players to encourage and celebrate creativity on the GodWiki! The principles of SummerWiki 2019 are the principles of the GodWiki in general.

Write new articles, expand already existing ones or simply add a picture. Every contribution is valuable and meaningful for both SummerWiki 2019 and GodWiki as a whole!

Writing an article during the event will grant you and your guild points in the Pantheons of Wikidness and by contributing to GodWiki during SummerWiki 2019 you may even earn charges with the Side Jobs!

Thanks for your participation and have a creative SummerWiki 2019!


Submissions open : 15th June 2019 15:00 UTC - 15th August 2019 22:00 UTC

  • Submissions will close with the release of the 16th August Godville Times
  • Acceptance of submissions past this date is at reviewers' discretion

Golden Brick Vote: 23th August 2019 - 30th August 2019

Final Results: 31th August 2019

Getting Started

Pick a subject...

Below, you'll find Summer themed lists with red links of Artifacts/Equipment/Monsters/Quests. When you have choose the article you want to write on, just click the red link to create a page!

You will also find already existing article which needs to be expanded (stubs) and/or a beautiful picture. Simply click the blue link to access those articles and edit them!

We'd recommand you to start your writing/editing by creating the page with this template at the top of your article:

{{Godwiki event construction|author={{subst:REVISIONUSER}}}}

This template will signal that you're going to work on it, and add it as a SummerWiki 2019 contribution. You can also change the status of the article in the list of subjects afterward.

We'll ask writers to work on only one article at a time, so everyone can get an article to write on. But feel free to start a new article one when you're done with one.

... and Write!

Creativity is the more important adjective to keep on mind when writing an article on the GodWiki and SummerWiki 2019 is no exception. Though, an article should be at least two paragraph long and it's appreciated to have the subject of the article included in bold in the first sentence.

If you aren't familiar with the Godwiki, the Creators Manual present global tips and tools on how to write an article while you can find category-specific recommandations in the Guidelines.

GodWiki Guidelines
General Godwiki Guidebook • Rules • Creators Manual • Help:Requests • GodWiki's Lore Compendium
Main content Artifact Articles • Aura Articles • Equipment Articles • Geography Articles • Monster Articles • Quest Articles • Skill Articles • Tavern Articles • Town Articles
Divine content God Articles • Guild Articles • Hero Articles

You can also take example from the articles made during the JanuWiki 2019 event to get some inspiration on what kind of formatting and ideas you can use in your own article(s).

When finished

Remplace the template you put at the top of your page by : {{Godwiki event review}} AND then, post a note at the SummerWiki 2019 review on the Help:Requests page so that a reviewer can come and check your entry.

Again, once your article is completed and awaiting review, feel free to start another SummerWiki 2019 article if you wish!

Don't forget to keep an eye on your articles under review, though: volunteer editors will take a look over it, and if they have any questions or advice for you, they'll leave notes on the article's discussion page (known as its "Talk: page").

When the review is finished, a volunteer editor will add your article to the list in the "Progress" section, and give you the credit (and points) you've earned!


Points for Pantheons of Wikidness
Add an image to an article 2 points
Create a new article 4 points
Expand a stub into an article 4 points
Create/expand and add an image 6 points


My English isn't very good, can I join in?

Absolutely! The Godville community is rich and varied, and there are a lot of deities who aren't native speakers of English. SummerWiki is a festival of creativity, and the only things we need to have in common are Godville and enthusiasm.
Every SummerWiki article will receive the careful attention of a volunteer editor, who will do their very best to ensure your creativity shines through, regardless of your written English skills.

Can I create an article that's not on the list?

Absolutely! Create whatever you like! The SummerWiki list is for ideas, not for limits. If you create a quality article unrelated to the theme during SummerWiki and would like it to be counted, let our volunteer editors know at Help:Requests and they will give it the same treatment as any other SummerWiki content.

How can I get help with my article?

The Help:Requests page is where anyone can seek help with their GodWiki creations. There's a place where you can put up a request for help with spelling, grammar, phrasing, or simply ask for a general review of a page. There's also a place where you can put up a request for help with some technical aspect of the wiki. There are volunteer editors who will help you out, by looking at your page and making helpful changes.
You can see what changes have been made to any page on the "History" tab. Our volunteer editors will try to leave edit summaries in the page history, and will also leave a summary of what they've done at Help:Requests. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the Talk: page associated with the article you've requested help with, in case there's something the volunteer editor wants to ask or discuss.

How can I help the event?

If you'd like to join our team of volunteer editors, who look over and give a polish to all completed content, keep the information on this page up-to-date, and just generally help out around the place, head over to the Talk page page and take a look at what happens there. It isn't essential that you understand how the wiki works, just that you have a desire to make our creators' content really shine, and want to learn what you don't know.
You could also list yourself as a volunteer editor on the Help:Requests page, which would mean people might contact you for help with the wiki or with their article, and you might be assigned an article to proofread and give a final thumbs up to.
Don't forget that you can also promote the event in your guild's forum and council page! You can even mention it in your godvoices!

List of Subjects

Side Jobs

Entropic Interlink Special

Rewarding the best linking to others' articles.

There is no denying the pleasure of a winding journey through a wiki, clicking on in-line links to travel deeper into the esoteric wilderness. There is also no denying that that such a journey on GodWiki is rarely very long, leading repetitively to popular main pages like "Monsters" and the "Arena." It's not that the journeys can't be made in GodWiki, it's just that nobody has blazed the trails yet.

The E.I.S. Eternal guild is sponsoring this side job to interlink enough of the existing pages of artifacts, monsters, territories, towns, skills, and taverns to create a wandering field for the peripatetic link clicker:

  • All links must be relevant to the host article. For instance, an article about ore from the data mine can discuss prospectors drinking their profits away and use the term "bar" to connect to Space Bar, but cannot use a random "and" to link to an unrelated 128-bit encryption.
  • One-way links and Two-way links both earn points. Optimally, one link should go both ways between two small articles, however additions of one-way links to necessary large articles (Godville (Town), Gold, Retirement, etc.) will also earn credit. One-way links will earn 1 point. Two-way links will earn 3 points.
  • No guild or personal promotion, please. Links from articles to user pages, hero pages, and guild pages will not earn credit. These links are against GodWiki rules without a demonstrated necessity.
  • Links should remain internal to the GodWiki. Links to external sites will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, but will have to demonstrate extraordinary humorous effect relevant to the host article to be awarded points.

Points will be totaled per participant at the end of SummerWiki 2019, then divided by three.
The participant will receive that number of charges, rounded up to the nearest 4.

Tracked and Judged by: SourceRunner (talk)

Mapping a World of Lore

GodWiki has a world of lore details that add texture to the world of Godville, and there's always room for more.

We have been gathering, tracking, and summarizing a lot of the lore that goes into GodWiki to make the articles funnier, more interesting, or more related to other articles. If you add some lore during SummerWiki 2019, whether it's more details for existing lore or a new entity, this side job is your opportunity for adding it to our tracking backstage page at GodWiki's Lore Compendium.

To qualify:

  • Lore tracking record should reflect general standards already established. If you add a company or a library or a semi-religious order, that should be placed in the matching section, and include a small blurb about what the entity does or where it is. If you add a book or article, it should go under the library, university, or press that it suits, and include a short description of what it is.
  • Added lore must be relevant to the article. If you can add a book citation to an article, great! But it has to match what is being attributed to it. Citing "brown bears love peanut butter" to A Hero's Guide to Model Railroads does not count, unless you can couch exactly what makes that book an expert source on brown bears in the article and/or the lore tracker.
  • Keep it clean. This is, in so many words, a general rule of Godville and GodWiki, but bears repeating. This game and this wiki are used by people from all walks of life, ranging from 13 to 90, from irascible to prudish. Try to keep your lore suitable for everyone-- light innuendo is fine, but explicitness or heavy innuendo crosses a line. If your lore must address sensitive topics, please treat it with a very, very light hand.

Addition of 1-4 pieces of lore to both articles and the tracking page earns 8 charges.
Addition of 5-8 pieces of lore to both articles and the tracking page earns 22 charges.
Addition of 9-20 pieces of lore to both articles and the tracking page earns 49 charges.
Further earnings will be established if they become necessary.

Tracked and Judged by: SourceRunner (talk)

SummerWiki 2019 Golden Brick

The Golden Brick rewards Gods and Goddesses' most favorite article from a selection of articles choosen by reviewers.

A week after the end of the event, five articles will be nominated for the prize by the jury. Then, a popular poll will decide the winning order.


  • The Golden Brick will be rewarded with 45charges and will be the featured Godwiki article of the month.
  • Second : 22charges
  • Third : 12charges
  • Fourth : 8charges
  • Fifth : 4 charges



The list will be displayed on the 15th June.


The list will be displayed on the 15th June.


The list will be displayed on the 15th June.


The list will be displayed on the 15th June.


Stubs are articles that needs to be extended or/and rewritten. The list will be displayed on the 15th June.

Pictures Needed

The list will be displayed on the 15th June.


Only reviewers may update this section. Thanks.

Guilds' Pantheon of Wikidness

Guilds' Pantheon of Wikidness
Emblem Guild Partipating Gods Points

Gods' Pantheon of Wikidness

Gods' Pantheon of Wikidness
Gods Guild Points Contributions

SummerWiki 2019
🐟 Monsters🐟 Aquaphobic Fish • Copfish
🐚 Artifacts 🐚 Ark safety checklist • Bottle of demonade • Coy fish • Exotic seashell • Fool's goldfish • Pocketful of sunshine • Shellphone
👙 Equipment 👙 Water balloon launcher
💠 Others 💠 Beasties