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These rarest of animals resemble zebras, but without stripes.

Of course, the normal zebras seen throughout the land, pulling carts and being ridden by humans, have stripes. Most people will agree it is ludicrous to imagine an equine otherwise. However, they do exist, and because of this rarity the stripeless zebra is often shunned and mocked as a freak of nature.

What is not commonly known about our everyday domestic zebras is that they are not, as they appear, white animals with black markings. In fact scientific evidence shows that the zebra is black at base and the white stripes and belly are the markings. Because of this, a zebra born without markings is black, not white.

A hero may tame one of these animals for their rarity. Some enterprising souls attempt to exhibit their stripeless zebras to raise beer money.


  • Brutal teasing early in life leaves most stripeless zebras thick-skinned, virtually immune to insults
  • Without white markings, they are well camouflaged at night, so can manoeuvre without a giveaway sparkle in the twilight
  • As a pet, they are prized for their rarity value, often dressed in fashionable outfits and adorned with jewels


  • The lack of stripes, as well as making these animals look ridiculous, makes them highly clumsy and ditzy in all they do, resulting in a "derpy" gait to their hooves
  • Those stripeless zebras who did not adjust to the teasing become shy, quietly spoken and given to flutter away from tense situations
  • For unknown reasons, the absence of stripes results in an inability to talk in rhyme

Pictures for comparison

Zebra showjumping with a rider on its back, black-and-white photo
Normal zebra showjumping
Team of four zebras harnesed to a cart, black-and-white photo
Normal zebras pulling a cart
Historical painting of a quagga
The crossbreed of a normal zebra with the rare stripeless variety
Black horse in motion, one hind leg outstretched
A stripeless zebra displaying characteristic awkwardness

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