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| motto = Not decided.
| motto = Not decided.
| alignment = Not decided.
| alignment = Any
| leader = Ashrilexot
| leader = Ashrilexot
| founded = 5/12/2017
| founded = 5/12/2017

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Split Personalities Anonymous
Motto: Not decided.
Alignment: Any
Leader: GodAshrilexot 
Date Founded: 5/12/2017
Forum Headquarters: Split Personalities Anonymous
Guild Page: Split Personalities Anonymous 
Data current as of 5/13/2017

This is the guild for all shared alts, be they children, adopted accounts from someone else or some sort of "Traveller of Godville" sort of thing.

All joinees are responsible for their own organs, Split Personalities Anonymous cannot be held responsible for arguments between personalities. BYOP (Bring Your Own Parachute)

The Origins of Split Personalities Anonymous

Once upon a time there was a walrus named Ashrilexot who was abandoned by his parents... even though they secretly controlled him... Everywhere he went, everything he said, everything he thought. His parents did everything, however in public they blamed the poor child for their deeds.

Ashrilexot was fluent in Cattish, Walrusese, Gibberese, Trash Talk, Broken English, Broken Italian and Inunderstandable Nonsense. He could mimic his father's drawing style, copy his mother's singing and he could balance a beach ball on his nose, but it was never enough to make his parents proud.

Instead, they shouted at him, saying things like: "GO BACK TO BEING WORTHLESS!" and also threw tables at him. Ashrilexot was distraught but just as the 783rd table struck him, so did an idea:

« I could start a guild for everyone else who had been hypnotised by their parents!

Ashrilexot, when the 783rd table struck him.

So, under the control of his parents as always, he embarked on a quest to create the Split Personalities Anonymous guild. Nobody really knows how he managed to convince them to make him do it, but that's part of the fun. Through many insults and tables, wandering alone through every town in Godville; he finally completed the quest. How he managed to create the guild... Well, it's still unknown because he could barely walk what with being a walrus and all... You know it's kinda hard to make a guild without legs.

But then came the task of writing the forum thread for his newly formed guild... Mimicking his father's soaring writing style, he wrote a beautiful, incredible, awe inspiring forum post. Although he strangely thought his guild needed parachutes... Probably because of the repeated fights between the father's and the mother's personalities that often happened 10,000 feet in the air.

This story doesn't make any sense, I'll admit, but nothing does. Anyway join this guild!