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Appearance, Identification, and Origin
The easiest indicator that a humanoid creature is possibly a Beerburglar is if it is pointing something that appears to be not sharp enough to slice, but enough to hack and confer tetanus, and demanding all your booze. Thus, even if this is not a Beerburglar it certainly is a beer burglar. A second way to identify the Beerburglar is by very close observation over a period of time. For, while it is commonly believed that {{heroes or heroines}} consume nothing but copious amounts of alcohol, it is not actually true. A true Beerburglar does consume nothing but copious amounts of alcohol and somehow still survives. Its secret exists in its second liver-like organ, which appears to, besides stopping alcohol poisoning, to be able to extract all necessary nutrients for the survival of the Beerburglar, even some that were not present in the alcohol in the first place. How this process takes place is unknown, but it is due to this that if a humanoid {{hero or heroine}} looking creature is found to truly consume nothing at all besides alcohol, they can be identified as a Beerburglar. Of course, this information is only necessary if the Beerburglar does not self-identify, and the reader need not memorize it, as Beerburglars as prone to doing just so. The true easiest identifier of a Beerburglar is it yelling "I'm a Beerburglar. Rraaaaaagh!"
Where do these mysterious creatures come from? That is a pretty good question, and if you really want to know, go out into the field and find out yourself. From the relative safety of a laboratory with the comfortingly nonviolent presence of a deceased Beerburglar, [[HeliopolisHealiopolis|HeliopolisHealiopolis's]] leading minds have come up with the following theories:
=== Hero Transformation Theory ===

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