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Beer Cub

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Historically, Beer Cubs are believed to have been first mentioned and described in ancient chronicles of a travelling zoologist Lady Dianne de la Fossey.<ref name="Fossey1">Lady de la Fossey, Dianne (approx. 1982 g.e.). ''Grizzlies in the mist''. [[Unspecifiedistan]] University Press</ref> The chronicles mention a new subspecies of the brown bear, that has smaller stature and behavioural differences in behaviour.
{{quote|author=Dianne de la Fossey, '''Grizzles in the Mist'''<ref name="Fossey1"></ref>|Day 5: Finally found some bears. They seem to be smaller in size and very playful. And I don't know if it's just me but... are they dancing? Decided to set up a camp nearby to observe more closely.}}
After a few days of observingobservations, she notices noticed more significant differences in their behaviour.
{{quote|author=Dianne de la Fossey, '''Grizzles in the Mist'''<ref name="Fossey1"></ref>|Day 7: That's absolutely fascinating, they're showing signs of reasoning and planning! Some of the bears seem to be preparing their meals in advance and seem to be using simple tools.}}
They turned out to be It was later discovered that the bears had been collecting berries and fruits to ferment into alcohol, storing them in different places for days and ultimately feasting on them with the intent of getting thoroughly hammered.
[[Image:BeerMe.jpg|250px|thumb|left|"Beer me!"]]

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