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Equipment of Godville
Spare rib
Worn 🍀Talisman
Durability +84
Description An extra rib from a buy-four-get-one-free sale.

Sometimes said to be the rib from a certain creation story, a spare rib can be a hero's best friend in times of danger, or in times of hunger.

Historic Uses of Spare Ribs

The oldest known use for a spare rib is, of course, for the protection of vital organs housed in the torso. Some heroes use the talisman this way, wearing it on a cord around their necks to provide reinforcement to the sternum, or tucking it in a jacket pocket to provide some extra shielding to the soft underbelly.

The second-oldest known use for a spare rib is in "stone soup" capacity. When confronted with an ultra-hungry monster, villager, or overactive stomach, the hero can brandish the bone as the miracle-working ingredient in a spectacular soup. Similar to the fable, the spare rib gets boiled in the water for the soup, and the resourceful hero can wrangle, entreat, or trick additional soup ingredients out of anyone else involved. Once the meal of hearty soup is over, no monster, villager, or hero remains hungry, and the hero takes back his talisman and goes on his way.

More recent additional uses have included as a pry-bar for getting into locked pantries, a rudimentary tapper for accessing barrels of fermenting or resting drink, and a single-footed ice skate for escaping confrontation.

Purchasing a Spare Rib

A spare rib usually comes into a hero's possession the same way a spare tire does. No, not by drinking too much beer-- by purchase of a set, with one extra thrown in! Usually, the other four ribs make a tasty meal, but the fifth... well, the fifth would take up too much of the room the hero is saving for beer, so it gets saved as a talisman.

Expect to pay in excess of 23,600 gold coins for this talisman, because the situation outlined above sometimes happens when the armorer has ordered lunch in, and he's not very happy to have it stolen by a customer.