Solar Bear

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This Template Is Deprecated — USE {{Monster}} INSTEAD

{{Monster}} can now create Pet infoboxes (since all Pets are Monsters), it should be used instead of this template. Setting either of the pet-only parameters (|pet-levels= or |pet-feature=) will automatically create a Pet infobox, or you can add |pet=yes to do it explicitly. So, for example...
{{Pet|image=pet.jpg |description=Beast |levels=12-32 |totem=AGuild}}
{{Monster|image=pet.jpg |description=Beast |pet-levels=12-32 |totem=AGuild}} or
{{Monster|pet=yes |image=pet.jpg |description=Beast |pet-levels=12-32 |totem=AGuild}}
See Template:Monster for full documentation.
This change will allow Pet articles to benefit from any improvements made to {{Monster}}.

These gargantuan animals are closely related to the [Bipolar Bear], but much more ferocious and much more dangerous. Long ago, the ancestors of these beasts traveled southeast from the frozen tundra plains to the great deserts and magmatic plumules that surround [San Satanos]. Perhaps the bears searched for food, perhaps they fled from their bipolar cousins; whatever the reason, over time the bears mutated from white furred animals to their current form - gigantic bears (black or white furred) with glowing crimson eyes, razor sharp claws and frequently exposed flesh and bone.

These bears are aggressive creatures with unique healing capabilities, from which they derive their name. While Solar bears main source of nourishment is the flesh and meat of their prey, solar bars also gain energy from the sun's rays, which sustain them and regenerates their wounds.

The unique properties of a solar bear are a mystery to all. Some speculate that ancient dwarven heroes from [San Satanos] twisted solar bears into their current form, while others speculate that solar bears evolved their ability to feed off the sun's energy as a means to survive in the harsh and often barren conditions in the deserts and magmatic plumules where they roam. Whatever the case, solar bears are a tough creature that most travelers avoid.

Though it is rumored that solar bears are drawn to serve masters of the purest evil hearts with the strength to tame them...