Shoulder parrot

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Equipment of Godville
Shoulder parrot
Description May come in rude or polite variants.
Worn 🍀Talisman
Durability +14

The Shoulder parrot is a bird that sits on the hero's shoulder, and may or may not make rude remarks and requests for foods high in carbohydrates.

If it was bought used, it may know some phrases that will embarrass monsters to death, thus helping in combat. Their claws are sharp and their beaks are wicked strong. If they like you they'll help in battle. They make your hero look impressive and pirate-like.


This is another pet someone put him in the wrong category. No matter, he's here now and here he'll stay. Feed him nuts, berries and crackers. Give him a bowl of water now and again, he will clean himself. When they molt they can get a bit scary. Now you're warned.


Traders will exchange (this rare item) for something else, but no refunds on anything. Can't guarantee it will talk. Can't guarantee they won't bite.