Shield of Seven Rainbows

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The shield cloaks the user in a magical spectral-distortion force field

Type: Shield

Power: +23

The creation

On the annual Rainbow Festival of Beerburgh, the rain poured down and the sunshine shone down on the city. Seven rainbows appeared, stretching over the horizon. As part of the tradition, 8 adventurers were going to the end of the rainbow to find gold. The rainbows didnt go away. A week later, they all arrived at the very end of the rainbows, only to discover that they ended in the exact same place. They all ended on a hill. Hidden in tall grass, there was a wooden shield. The adventurers all left the shield behind and returned to their families. 21 years later, 3 small kids went playing on the very hill. They found the shield again. However, it had been absorbing magical powers from the rainbows over the years, and was now a glorious shield in seven colours, worthy of the mightiest of warriors. The children however, did not realize the powers it contained, and sold it to a wandering trader.

More history

Later, the shield have wandered around from hero to trader to hero to hero to trader... And so on. The shield is so powerful, it once hold back a strike from the mighty demon Grimdr. Many duplicates have been produced, but nobody have managed to copy the excact strenght of it. However, an alchemist managed to clone the weapon using an ancient potion he found in the tomb of Cryrn.