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| latin      = Diabolus claustrum
| latin      = Diabolus claustrum
| description = Specialised demon of Christmas
| description = Specialised demon of Christmas
| class      = Demon
| class      = Demon Santa
| habitat    = Graveyard
| habitat    = Graveyard
| artifact    = Priceless gift
| artifact    = Priceless gift

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Not to be confused with Santa Claws.
Pets of Godville
Satan Claus
Diabolus claustrum
Strong Monster
Class Demon Santa
Habitat Graveyard
Artifact Priceless gift
Description Specialised demon of Christmas
Tame at levels Any
Features Unknown

The Satan Claus (Diabolus claustrum) is a monster straight from the depths of hell.

General Information

It is a demon sent by Satan himself to reap the souls of those unlucky enough to be caught in his gaze. The beast impersonates jolly ol' St. Nick and climbs down chimneys every night. He inspects the place in search of food. If a human or animal is seen, the demon mauls them and devours their soul. He then leaves in search of other victims. Like a vampire, Satan Claus hates the sunlight and scampers off at dawn. Victims can range from any age and any gender. Why it poses as Santa is unknown, but it may be so that it seems harmless.

Satan Clauses live in the shadows of cemeteries. They love the smell of rotting flesh and chase after heroes who carry around their deceased pets. If a hero engages in battle, Gods must keep an eye out on the hero's health. Unlike regular humans and monsters, heroes have a fighting chance due to having a guardian. Their holy alliance with the divine being allows them to survive Satan Claus's attacks. Killing the beast is no easy task, but the reward is pretty worth it: a priceless gift! For some unknown reason a Satan Claus will still attack even if the hero is evil and has taken a place in the Pantheon of Destruction. Perhaps the demonic pest believes it has something to prove to the evildoer. Godville zoologists still have much research to do in this area.



  • Superhuman powers
  • No mercy because it has no soul
  • Soul-Possesing power
  • Can see you when you're sleeping
  • Knows when you're awake
  • Knows if you've been bad or good
  • Eternal
  • Extremely difficult to abandon
  • Smells strongly of ginger and nutmeg
  • Not Housebreakable
  • Leaves "gifts"


  • Rage at holiness makes it lose accuracy
  • Can't regenerate health
  • Rivalry with Santa Claws
  • There's no such thing

Pet Taming

Satan Claus is a Christmas Holidays only monster. This means that a hero can only tame a Satan Claus as their Pet during the holiday season.

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