Royal Jellyfish

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The Royal Jellyfish taking a bath as one of her minions looks on.

Industrial activities

Despite being supreme ruler of all the jellyfish in that pond just outside of Godville, she does spend most of her day squirting out Royal Jelly that is often used as an aphrodisiac by misinformed heroes looking for a date with the trader's children. It can be sold at a relatively modest price assuming the trader is also modestly inebriated.

Character Traits

You can find this majestic creature wandering far from the ponds of Godville as she is quite fond of reminding everyone just how important she is.


Heroes are advised not to approach her as she will attempt to make you her minion. Heroines are strongly advised not to make eye contact as she will attempt to start a lengthy conversation with you about the latest jellyfish trends and her many non-existing suitors.