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Skills of Godville
Type 💸Trade
Description Unknown

The Rickrolling trade skill is one of the hardest for Heroes to master as it requires precise timing, nerves of steel, and a reckless disregard for melody. The skill allows the user to sell items at an unusually high price to traders by singing an embarrassing song to them. The trader becomes desperate to stop the nuisance, so he gives in to the demands.

"Put my rickrolling skill into practice and got an 18% discount." ~ Alan Wright

Levels 1-5

In the early stages of skill development, the hero quietly hums a repetitive and increasingly annoying song. Traders don't really mind at first, but they become bothered after a while. If continued long enough, the hero's rickrolling influence will draw a few extra coins in the transaction.

Levels 6-10

Hero moves to singing at a moderate volume. The song is sort of high pitched and can hurt ears. Traders respond more quickly to the display of the skill, making transactions more lucrative for the hero.

Levels 11-15

At this point, heroes sing loudly and in a monotone style. Anyone near the hero can get a headache easily. Usually, traders will give out extra money to get the singer as far away from the stand as possible.

Levels 16-20

Now the hero is gettin' into it. The hero dances and sways with the tune, inconveniencing other customers. Traders become more embarrassed than annoyed at the hero, as the hero continually just wants to ask how the trader is feeling and wants to understand.

Levels 21-25

At this point the hero is simply making a fool of himself. Using the vocal equivalent of interpretive dance he has a microphone and isn't afraid to use it. Not only traders and shoppers, but also passersby complain of migraines and busted eardrums. 'Tis a sight to behold.

Level 26+

Sporting a ridiculous hair style, 1980 A.D. clothing and pasty white skin and now total rick rolling mastery, the hero knows the game and he's gonna play it. The mere presence of the hero makes the trader faint. The hero comments he's never gonna give, never gonna give, one more coin, simply dropping off their loot and take as much money as they want.