Random axe of kindness

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Equipment of Godville
Random axe of kindness
Worn 🗡️Weapon
Durability +15
Description Killing with an axe of kindness may be an act of kindness.

A random axe of kindness was discovered by humans in ancient times when they learned what goes around truly does come around. This axe is the literal "what" in that phrase.

This axe is commonly known to start slicing heads in the process of its going around. This flaw made the weapon difficult to handle, but the hero literally "gives" the ability to wield the weapon during the gifting of the axe itself, removing any level or strength requirements. This is why it is absolutely impossible to take the random axe of kindness from another hero, it must be given freely.

Forged by a lone blacksmith, it was created for the very purpose of being passed along by warriors as a gift to one who requires it. The ritual of the Random Axe of Kindness involves smiling at a fellow warrior in need, handing them the Axe, winking one eye, and then walking away without any further explaination. The ritual is known to veteran Axe-wielders as "Slay it Forward."