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| avatar = Princess Kitten.jpg
| avatar = Princess Kitten.jpg
| god = Tardiscat29
| god = Tardiscat29
| personality = kind
| personality = righteous
| gender = female
| gender = female
| level = 42
| level = 44
| motto = In Tardiscat29 I trust!
| motto = In Tardiscat29 I trust!
| guild = Galavant  
| guild = Galavant  

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Princess Kitten
Princess Kitten.jpg
Champion of the God: Tardiscat29
Personality: righteous
Gender: female
Level: 44
Motto: In Tardiscat29 I trust!
Guild: Galavant
Guild Rank: hierarch
Guild Position: 2nd member
Wins / Losses: 1/1
Pet Type: Dust Bunny
Pet Name: Fang
Favorite Town: Godville
Largest Ever Gold: that depends on how sober you are today.
Most Hated Monster: Godville Administrator
Personal Rival: Civi or Sydney-land

Princess Kitten is devout yet slightly stupid. Her arch frienemy is Sydneyland, and they both aspire to be like the a famed Sir Galavant (as seen on TV). Though young, stupid and frivolous as she is, Princess Kitten is unconditionally loved by her favorite goddess- Tardiscat29! Constantly gaining friends and laughter, she is loved by all (except those 40000 or so monsters she's killed.)