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Artifacts of Godville
Pocketful of sunshine
Type 🧷Normal
Description A shining, pocket-sized portal that leads to a secret place

A Pocketful of sunshine is an odd artifact that will manifest only in the form of light streaming from the owner's pocket.


It is unknown when the very first Pocketful of sunshine was discovered, but the earliest one on record was reportedly found in 336 g.e., much to the surprise of the discoverer.[1]And it is said to be a part of a god the hero/heroines god gave the hero/heroine a part of him

General Information

The artifact is noted to spontaneously appear somewhere on a person's clothing during times of strife, radiating light filled with joy and peace. Attempting to get rid of the artifact during this time is extremely ill-advised, as it's widely believed that its appearance is meant to comfort the owner through whatever issues they currently have. However, attempting to keep this artifact longer than necessary has a tendency to result in a variety of negative side effects, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Sunburns
  • Burnt Pockets
  • Temporary Blindness of Viewers
  • Overwhelming Levels of Ecstasy

Selling Tips

  • Make sure the buyer is actually going through a time of strife - otherwise the exchange won't happen.
  • In order to get the best deal, always ask what people are willing to pay for the price of happiness.
  • If buying, double check that the seller actually has a pocketful of sunshine and not a flashlight in their pocket.

Notes and References

  1. "Uh, guys? I'm pretty sure I didn't have any pockets earlier." - Statement from Discoverer, 336 g.e.
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