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Known symptoms may include:
Known symptoms may include:
1 General do-goodedness
* General do-goodedness
2 Compulsions to help the sick, weak, and weary, however desperate or unworthy they may appear and with no promise of reward for doing so.
* Compulsions to help the sick, weak, and weary however unworthy they may appear and with no promise of reward for doing so.
3 A faint halo may appear above the hero or heroine's head.
* A faint halo may appear above the hero or heroine's head.
4 An almost Canadian tendency to say 'please' and 'thank-you'.
* An almost Canadian tendency to say 'please' and 'thank-you'.
===Pure good===
===Pure good===

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Personality defines your hero’s behavior and abilities. Personality has a big impact on your hero's activities too. Normally, heroes tend to be neutral. However, under the god's influence their personality changes. Encouragement makes them kinder, and contrarily, Punishment makes them evil and angry. If neither of these two influences are used for some time, heroes will tend back towards neutral. Good heroes tend to heal faster, but Evil Heroes tend to inflict more damage. Below is the personality ranking system from most evil to kindest (left to right).

Pure evil! Pure evil Vicious Cruel Wicked Spiteful Neutral Gentle Kind Righteous Virtuous Pure good Pure good!

The average personality of the members of a Guild is called its Alignment for which there is a different but equivalent ranking system.


Somewhere between the glory of being good and the thrill of being evil is the neutral alignment. All heroes start out here, Heroes or heroines who stay with a neutral alignment basically just can't make up their minds whether they are good or evil and are generally thought throughout Godville to be heroes who want to have their cake and eat it too! They are unpredictable in arena as they may use attack strategies similar to their current frame of mind. Alignment summary: Fence-sitters

Path of Good


A Gentle personality is a sign that your hero is becoming more affiliated with the side of Good, as opposed to the side of Evil. Usually it takes at least 5 "Encourage" clicks to change a hero's personality type from Neutral to Gentle. Every time you Punish your hero, it voids out one of the Encourages, and you will have to encourage again to get to where you were before you Punished. Just because the hero has a Gentle personality does not mean that their actions will reflect this in any way. Your hero still fights just as fiercely, the way that they treat other people and heroes or heroines is not affected, and the entries in the diary will not be affected.


Kind is the Second of the Six ranks of Good. Kind can be seen of as a nicer version of Gentle but not does not go as far as Righteous. When we look at the typical benefits that incur from being kind, you find that it provides a slight increase in healing ability but does not change anything substantial when it comes to things like fights with players or monsters. Kind, two ranks removed from Neutral, is the most common alignment found for the Heroes of Godville.


Righteous is an attribute of your hero if you have encouraged your hero enough. Continuing to encourage him, your hero will move on to virtuous, pure good, and then ultimately pure good!. You may reach a Position on the pantheon creation once you reach a high enough point in righteousness, which also gives increased health regeneration.


This is a status of a hero or heroine's personality, which comes immediately before rising to the rank of Pure Good. This is generally the level where a hero or heroine can stop inflating and adding to gossip about themselves in the local tavern, and let their own virtue be self evident to ordinary townsfolk.

Known symptoms may include:

  • General do-goodedness
  • Compulsions to help the sick, weak, and weary however unworthy they may appear and with no promise of reward for doing so.
  • A faint halo may appear above the hero or heroine's head.
  • An almost Canadian tendency to say 'please' and 'thank-you'.

Pure good

Pure good!

Path of Evil


Spiteful is the first step to becoming an evil character. It takes about 5-6 "Punish" clicks to get a spiteful character.


When a hero's personality becomes "Wicked", the hero has begun to turn their resentment from the constant punishment onto the world around them. The hero's damage improves slightly.


Cruel is the Third of the Six Ranks of Evil and Anger. This alignment is attained through the punishment power of gods and is known for its ability to cause stronger attacks in battles. There is speculation on to whether 'stronger attacks' refers to the Hero's ability to hit or the God's ability to punish but there is proof, in Godville's code, pointing to the fact that these are both affected.


This stage is after the Cruel stage. You also inflict more damage and become even closer to pure evil. If you're Vicious then you tend to get fried by lightning pretty often, and like to steal from the dead whilst showing no mercy to anyone who gives you a wrong look in the eye. Also this stage is pretty hard to maintain; you can easily go back down to cruel.

Pure evil

Only the evilest heroes make it this far, but the most notorious of these make it even farther, attaining the status of "Pure Evil!" If you have a tendency to stomp on small furry animals, beat enemies to a pulp, get struck by lightning on a regular basis, and basically hate the world, you are probably a Pure Evil character.

Pure evil!

Only the most diabolical heros even contemplate becoming pure evil!. It takes much effort but is very rewarding. Attack power is dramatically increased and there are some fun diary phrases available only to those chosen few. However, they heal slower in the field due to large amounts of scar tissue. They continually insult those who are pure good! because they are far weaker in terms of attack power.