Personal Drainer

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The Personal Drainer is a monster.

Long ago, when Godville was a place of smart heroes, a time before beer was invented, every hero had a drainer. When the hero defeated an enemy, the drainer would 'drain' the xp from the enemy. Then the drainer would transfer the xp to the hero's account. Rumor has it that the amount of xp the Personal Drainer gathers is 5 times larger than the amount that the hero gets when absorbing the xp.

They were revealed after the Big Boom, when the heroes invented beer.

Drainers started a rebellion against the beer, but were stopped by unknown guilds.

Generation after generation, Personal Drainers started disliking the heroes, and thought that they should be destroyed.

Now they roam Godville's lands, killing any hero that stands in their way.