Pathological honesty

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A trade skill. The hero or heroine who possesses this skill is unable to convey any sort of dishonesty, lie, fib, ruse, trick, etc. When this skill is used there is a 1% chance per skill level that the trader will feel guilty and actually sell an item a lowered cost.

Level 1-5

Most traders will simply think that the hero or heroine has an "honest" smile. At this level, the skill hardly ever works.

Level 6-10

The hero or heroine will be described by his friends as "the most honest person I know", but still the skill does not earn the hero a discount.

Level 11-15

The hero is able to force on shopkeeper in town per calendar day to be honest with the price of up to one item- whether bought or sold.

Level 16 - 20

Most traders will feel compelled to give the hero a 1% on all items across the board.

Level 21+

Traders are forced to allow the hero to get items at the "family & friends" discount, which varies depending on the shopkeeper rather than the hero's skill level,'c