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The pantheon of duellers ranks Godville players according to their Arena performance. The top 100 players in this pantheon are rewarded at the end of every season. Players are ranked according to to their Elo rating.

Pantheon of gladiatorship

On 1517, the pantheon of gladiatorship was renovated and renamed the pantheon of duellers. This information persists as a historical curiosity. The main improvement was the transition to a new rating system.

Heroes of the pantheon of gladiatorship are also known as great warriors that gained many victories in arena and field skirmishes in the name of their gods. Here, heroes are ranked according to their Gladiatorship rating. Their levels and number of wins and losses (in Duels) are also shown as a matter of interest.

Long Term Gratitude • Might • Templehood • Gladiatorship • Storytelling
Short Term Mastery • Construction • Taming • Survival • Savings • Creation • Destruction • Arkeology • Catch • Wordcraft • Duelers
Guild Unity • Popularity • Duelery • Adventure
Former Greed • Aggressiveness