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#REDIRECT[[Pantheon of Catch]]
The '''Pantheon of catch''' is a short-term pantheon measuring the progress of collecting the Twos of Every Kind of players who have completed their [[ark]]. The goal is to collect a thousand [[creatures]] pairs, which means {{heroes or heroines}} have to catch a thousand fenimals and a thousand manimals.
Rankings are based on the percentage of completion towards the goal, with one full pair counting as 0.1%.<ref>{{Cite blog|93|Trail and Catch}}</ref> Creatures can be collected through [[sailing]] or as possible [[fishing]] rewards. They also can be awarded to {{heroes or heroines}} as a reward for completing a [[side job]].
==Collecting All Thousand Pairs==
After a {{God or Goddess}} collects all {{his or her}} pairs, a few things will happen<ref>{{Cite blog|103|Pairs Completed}}</ref>:
*{{His or Her}} position in the pantheon of Catch will become permanent.
*The {{God or Goddess}} will receive an honourable title of a Creature Master and a new [[Achievements|medal]] coming with it
*The [[Third Eye (Gameplay feature)|Third Eye]] of a Creature Master can hold twice as many entries
*{{Hero or Heroine}} will open a [[laboratory]] where {{he or she}} will be attempting to construct a monstrous pet boss
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