Palm of the panda

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Deadly weapon for a panda.

Skill Type: Combat

Palm of the panda is one of the combat skills that can be learned once you reach level 15.

Skill 1

applying the “palm of the panda” skill, "name" manages to tear off a piece of the enemy’s health bar and stick it to his own.

Skill 2

"name" applied “palm of the panda” skill. "enemy" shudders in fear.

Skill 3

"name" mentions his knowledge of the “palm of the panda” skill. Just in case, "enemy" suddenly felt worse.

Skill 4

It seems that "palm of the panda" is just the right skill for killing "enemy" Monster.

Skill 5

"name" showed off the “palm of the panda” skill from afar. 'enemy" went white with fear.

Skill 6

"enemy" was shocked by the power of my 'palm of the panda'.

Skill 7

Lonely "enemy" was shocked by the power of my 'palm of the panda'.