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{{Hero |240px
{{Hero |240px
| avatar = [[File:Palekekona.jpg|240px|Palekekona blowing his conch shell in honor of his God Nachish]]
| avatar = Palekekona.jpg
| god = Nachish
| god = Nachish
| motto = Dragon File Burn!
| motto = Dragon File Burn!

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Champion of the God: Nachish
Personality: Righteous
Gender: Male
Level: 27
Motto: Dragon File Burn!
Guild: Dragon Lords
Guild Rank: Advisor
Temple Completion Date: 18.2%
Pet Type: Dust Bunny
Pet Name: Scrat
Pet Level: 13
Pet Healing Count: 1

Born in the Beautiful Hawaiian Islands, Palekekona was raised in a simple village called Waipilian. As a child, he found he a unique abilities that could help those in need and harm those who hurt him or any of his friends or loved ones. On one occasion a dear friend was hurt by a group of thugs while he was returning from his prayers at a heiau or Hawaiian temple. As tears flowed from his eyes, Palekekona placed his hands on his friend who was then miraculously healed of all his wounds. The normally gentle Palekekona was filled with rage and shouted out a Kapu or curse with all his might to be sent to the thugs as an Akua lele or fireball. He later heard that in a village close by, three individuals in three separate homes died due to a fire that mysteriously engulfed the homes. Though he was happy that vengeance had taken place, he was distraught that he had caused the deaths of those three men. So he packed up what little belongings he had and set out to find out how he was able to do such remarkable and dangerous things.

During his travels, he helped many people in need but remained very cautious of his anger as to not release his inner rage and capabilities to cause harm. One day, he came across a Kahuna or witch doctor who looked at him as if he knew Pale. Pale begged the Kahu to train him in the ways of the Kahuna, but the Kahu said he was unable to do so. When Pale asked why, the Kahu looked at him and told him that all he needed to know was inside of him and only he, along with his personal Aumakua, or God could help him to discover and harness his abilities.

With a resolve to seek out his Aumakua, Pale set out to discover his Aumakua’s name. Many years went by as Pale searched village after village, heiau after heiau, until he ended up at Kaena Point, the leaping place of souls to cross over to the spirit plane. Tired and worn, Pale stepped up to the edge of the pointed cliff. He shouted out, “Ke Akua, if I am meant for a greater purpose, save me from this leap.” “Tell me you name so I may honor you and seek out the knowledge I yearn for!” With a mighty yell, he leaped off the cliff with his arms spread out to his side, soaring to the rocky shore below. As he eyed the bottom of his fall, he blacked out as he heard a thundering voice call out, “NACHISH!”

He later woke up in a strange land that he has never seen or heard of. With a renewed sense for life and love for his Aumakua, he journeyed forward determined to continue his quest to help those in need and punish those who are evil. It was then that he saw a sign that read…“Godville.”

Learned Skills

Palm of the Panda - Combat

Powerful Sneeze - Combat

Spontaneous Combustion - Combat

Swear-o-matic - Combat

Rays of Love - Combat

Boss Monster Defeats


Allies Palekekona 114 / 176 Linkez 76 / 316

Opponents Heromnivore 0 / 1216 Mini-Heromnivore 0 / 364

12:27 Notes from the battlefield: During the excavation Palekekona and Linkez disturbed someone's lair. A giant Summoning Hulking Deafening Heromnivore shows up in front of them...

12:32 Suddenly Heromnivore stops the fight, rans off to a side, howls loudly and summons some help! Mini-Heromnivore shakes its head looking for prey.

12:43 Notes from the battlefield: The heroes brought together by the common destiny have defeated the Summoning Hulking Deafening Heromnivore! Palekekona became the owner of 10892 coins, ear of the Mini-Heromnivore, a golden brick, an assemblage point, a déjà voodoo doll and a 12th step.

A hard fought battle! Palekekona was rewarded with some random artifacts, a load of coins, and a gold brick. With what power was left, he then melted more coins into another brick but this depleted his power. Good fight Linkez...hope we fight together soon!

Link: http://godvillegame.com/duels/log/6lyzn


08:58 Notes from the battlefield: The Wherewolf was triumphantly defeated! I've gained more experience and looted some gold, but it's time to return to my heroic deeds.

08:47 Notes from the battlefield: The nasty Sweeping Wherewolf roars menacingly and rushes at the hero!

08:47 The Wherewolf doesn't want me to laugh in the face of danger! To arms!

My Pet Adventures

My very first pet. Scrat - Dust Bunny


01:56 AM

The Bottomless Pitbull raised its hand for a deadly final strike against me, when Scrat suddenly threw himself under its feet. The monster stumbled and fell dead on the ground, its neck broken. Scrat was knocked out by the hit of the monster's carcass. Oh, my Lord, if I don't bring him back to his senses in time, he'll lose all his levels and his will to compete!

02:49 PM

A high priest rolled up his sleeves and slapped Scrat, instantly bringing my beloved dust bunny back to life! At least, I think he was a priest... Paid him 4433 gold coins anyway. Oh Scrat, how I've missed you!


20:44: Judging by Scrat's face I think he's tired of me. I guess it's time to finally set him free. Farewell, Scrat! I promise to find a new best friend in your memory! :( Nooooooooo!!!

Scrat's Final Stats

Pet Type: Dust Bunny Pet Name: Scrat Pet Level: 13 Pet Resurrection Count: 1