Origami Dragon

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Monsters of Godville
Origami Dragon
Class Dragon
Habitat wandering
Totem for Fairy Tail
Description paper bodied gigantic grey dragon

This mighty creature was folded in the golden age of Japan. It was then the unfortunate victim of ancient spirit-summoning rites, and while it gained immense power, it lost its natural goodness.

Now it roams the wild places of Godville, slaying all who come across it. It is rumored to be seeking something, though what it might be is speculation. One thing is for sure, though: it is a merciless and pitiless beast, without any kind of moral to restrain it.



  • Evil and merciless
  • Can fly like most dragon species
  • Extremely resistant to most forms of attack
  • Easily underestimated
  • Its claws and teeth cause painful papercuts to heroes


  • Vulnerability to fire
  • Has no breath weapon
  • Cannot fly in wet weather
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