Notary of Death

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Monsters of Godville
Notary of Death
Class Cleric
Habitat morgues and cemeteries
Description ruffled coats and feathered hats

Monster: Notary of Death (Notarius mortem)

The Notary of Death is a minor demon, always seen in the Cleric form.

  • As seen in the Weekend Godville #886

Day 1133 g.e. A sneaky Notary of Death crept into the Herolympus mayor’s home and stole a family portrait. Proof of punishment of this villain can be exchanged for 1700 gold coins.


  • Well read and very literate, with the ability to tie up most Heroes in red tape and tongue twisters
  • Wields a pen that is mightier than the sword.


  • Wears no armor other than a padding of notarised death notices
  • Doesn't get out of the office much, and is susceptible to combat skills such as Seasickness

Field Notes

  • The Notary of Death will appear on some battlefields, especially at the death of a Noble Hero.


  • For those Heroes who die in bed, the shame is great. This sad event is always notarised by this minor demon.