Non-Terminal Repeating Phantasm

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As the name implies, killing this phantasm is non-Terminal allowing an extented life well after your hero has left it's proximity. The repeating refers to it's ability to regenerate, regardless of any residues left after a battle. This ghost once tried to kill the mighty warrior Poim when he was young and in the crib. Poim managed to destroy the phantasm by a complete random chance, however the result of his defeat by the minion of the mighty god Edmaster allows for his resulting repeating status and resultant immortality. This however resulting in a depresssion in Poim's mood as it seems as though his mighty god chose to ressurect the evil force that tried to murder him in his youth. In a side note--- while it is true that his god chose to revive the evil creature that strived to kill his minion, the mighty Edmaster made his minion good to even out the score...


  • Immortallity
  • Urge to kill Poim
  • Ability to feed upon the fallen souls it has defeated


  • Urge to kill Poim
  • Easily destroyed by non-weaklings