Ninja Tortoise

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The Ninja Tortoise (Testudo ninjaum "ninja tortoise") is a tamable monster that is highly skilled in the martial arts.

Ninja Tortoise is a cousin of the Ninja Turtle that has endured many hardships, trials, and losses. Ninja Tortoise preferred to learn martial arts on its own via travelling around the world.

It has been known to hold black belts in Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, Kenjutsu, and Judo.

It also holds black belts in Ninja-Do and Ninjutsu, some of them even in Ikebana and Origami. Can be found training in forests or by streams.

However the Ninja Tortoise can only travel at 1cm/sec and act as a burden to its owner at times. What it lacks in speed, it makes up in static electricity, and biting- once it manages to get close enough to the enemy, of course. It often uses a secret tactic called "snuggling up to the enemy" to gain its trust and have it lower its defenses.

Favorite foods include: pizza, pizza rolls, pizza bagels, and pizza tofu.

The mating habits of the Ninja Tortoise remain a mystery, but the subject is being researched as we speak by cryptozoologists all over the world. The documentary will be released in the near future. Rumored title: "Finding the Ninja Tortoise out of its shell".

Carefully looking both ways before crossing, the heroes go south. This room has a bunch of empty pizza boxes, a tortoise shell and a rat skeleton. Contriving, the group can move to the west and north.



  • Ability to throw things accurately
  • Sturdy shell
  • Painful bite
  • Knowledge of deadly poisons
  • Great pillow
  • Very cute
  • Coolness can freeze enemies in their tracks
  • Can summon clones
  • Scream is terrifying
  • Can jump and turn 180° at a moments notice
  • Can shoot pizza shurikens
  • Can shoot lasers out of its eyes


  • Slow except when fighting alongside their hero
  • Easy to trip over
  • Scared of birds
  • Threatening to make it mutant
  • Can be bribed with pizza
  • Always tired
  • Isn't a teenager(or is that good?)