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Deities of Godville
Hero Oscar-
Gender male
Blue Feather
Guild position   Advisor


Hi! I'm Neon-A (as you will know, you found your way here after all.) Who are you? Actually no, not important. And this is my wiki page! (Obviously) I bet I sound like an idiot to you all so I might just move on. Moving on!

How I Came to be Here

I joined Godville about 3 months ago (as of 9th November 2015) and have enjoyed it, being able to not have to constantly check my crops/village/floors etc. (Despite wanting to (check the hero, not crops or anything)). I joined really because I had been seeing it recommended to me for about 4 months, and I finally gave in. Once again I feel like this is boring... Eh. Enough with the life story stuff I guess. Moving on!


Not really sure how to say anything here, so I'll settle for a list: I have been described as:

  • Kind
  • Generous
  • Odd (in a good way)
  • Happy
  • Quirky

That's the top 5.. I guess...

My Interests

I feel like I shouldn't just resort to listing again. Hmm. Oooh! I know! A poem! I'm good at those (I'll share some later)

My main interest is gaming,

For that I am very fond,

Not really with games that require maiming,

But ones with quests and swords, maybe even a wand.

My next interest is programming,

That is without a doubt,

Java, Python and C++-ing,

I couldn't live without.

Third up is tinkering,

I guess you could call it that,

Making, breaking and creating,

Machines, Networks and all that.

Fourth is... You know what. This could go on for a while. I'll just list it.

The rest of them:

  • Reading
  • Doodling
  • Running
  • Solving Problems
  • Board Gaming
  • Ignoring pleas to go on social media
  • Role playing (if I'm in the mood)

So yeah, that's interests done. Moving on!

I'm adding more things! I promise! Todo:

  • Add more content that seems useful
  • Add more content that isn't useful, but is weird or funny enough to be in anyway
  • Talk about alts
  • Tell a story maybe?
  • Remove this list.