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Hi I'm Neon-A
Hi I'm Neon-A
===My Interests===
I feel like I shouldn't just resort to listing again. Hmm.
Oooh! I know! A poem! I'm good at those (I'll share some later)
''My main interest is gaming,''
''For that I am very fond,''
''Not really with games that require maiming,''
''But ones with quests and swords, maybe even a wand.''
''My next interest is programming,''
''That is without a doubt,''
''Java, Python and C++-ing,''
''I couldn't live without.''
''Third up is tinkering,''
''I guess you could call it that,''
''Making, breaking and creating,''
''Machines, Networks and all that.''
''Fourth is...'' You know what. This could go on for a while. I'll just list it.
The rest of them:
*Solving Problems
*Board Gaming
*Ignoring pleas to go on social media
*Role playing (if I'm in the mood)
So yeah, that's interests done. Moving on!

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Deities of Godville
Hero Oscar-
Gender male
Blue Feather
Guild position   Advisor


Hi I'm Neon-A


Blue Feather

Blue feather logo.png

I joined Blue Feather (now known as BF, because I'm a bit lazy) around 2 months ago,after not really paying attention to Guilds before that. Warm welcome straight away, so I knew I'd made the right choice. After that I tried to contribute where possible and still do, having returned from the dead recently.

Todo, for editor reference only.

I'm adding more things! I promise! Todo:

  • Add more content that seems useful
  • Add more content that isn't useful, but is weird or funny enough to be in anyway
  • Talk about alts
  • Tell a story maybe?
  • Remove this list.