Mountain moving

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Type: Transportational skill

Contrary to popular belief, this skill does not allow the hero to move mountains. Rather, this skill is used by heros attempting to move over mountains. The more training one has with this skill, the larger the mountains one will be able to scale.


Levels 1-5

The hero will identify small bumps in the road, and take great care in avoiding them. Just remember, life is lovely until you take a dump on the moles.

Levels 6-10

The hero will no longer need to walk around those annoying mole hills. Instead, he or she will hop over them, saving much time and effort.

Levels 11-15

The hero can now traverse small hills without experiencing any feelings of light-headedness or fear of heights.

Levels 16-20

At this level, a hero with this skill can now climb hills with a 45 degree grade or higher without falling backwards and tumbling comically to the bottom.

Levels 25+

Having proven him/herself worthy, the hero will be able to leap over actual mountains of greater and greater heights as he or she progresses farther with this skill. He will also be able to telepathically move mountains with his mind, paving a way for himself effortlessly.