Mating contact

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There is a 1% chance per level of skill that the target will become so distracted with the desire to become your mate, gender type is totally ignored, causing them to disarm, hold arms wide open, and stand gazing into the eyes of the caster and below thery're new found love. This will only be broken by an attack or 1 hour had passed. No resistance will be given even if all equipment, gold, or loot is taken. The same applies even if the pet is killed as a result.


Level 1 - 5

Your hero is actually paid coins not to play spin the bottle.

Level 6 - 10

Your hero has sweaty palms when holding hands with others. Shopkeepers will maybe pay slightly more coins for a few items in an effort to get them out of the shop faster. Monsters can often knock the weapon out of your hands.

Level 11 - 15

Your hero may be able to sneak in a "butterfly" or "Eskimo" kiss. Once per day maximum.

Level 16 - 20

Other hero's will make excuses to bump up against you as they walk past, some may even give you the "call me" sign.

Level 21+

Your hero or heroine is a magnet. For everyone and everything. People assume touching you will make life better, all their problems will melt away. Monsters do start to melt at the touch of your hero, making them easier to kill - or mate with - whatever your hero decides. Traders will give you equipment for free. Your hero is also more likely to be asked out on dates.