Master of Puppies

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Monsters of Godville
Master of Puppies
Class Agressive dog lover
Habitat Constitutional places
Description Disappointed in humankind

Monster who is followed by enormous pack of dogs, from three to even twelve. There are rumors of masters acquiring even to 13 puppies but it seems to affect monsters luck quite badly ending in gruesome death. Some say that elusive God of Monsters cursed him because cute fluffy puppies were destroying monsters bad reputation.

This monster comes in two variation. Power-hungry canine-wielding maniac bend on World Domination, who is never seen without a New puppy in His hand which he trains for his evil army. Drunk heroes tend to avoiding him as his pack howls unberably loudly and sober heroes usually had time to climb up the nearest tree.

Or nice canine-wielding fellow who loves puppies and want to have them just for the sake of having them. All of them. From everywhere. Who not submit and give him a puppy should prepare for painful death. And when his puppies grow up and become big dogs then, well more chances for new puppies for him.

Strenghts Alfa of his pack Has canines with sharp big teeth Has adorable hugable puppies which distracts hero Hero. Can trip on a puppy In presence of cat-people monster wpada in mindless rage

Wiknesses Dog treats Squizy chew toys If you happen to have puppy at hand you survive If you thriw stick monster's puppies are too distracted to chase you Nice one tends to forhet up to 13 puppies rule and die by gruesome death before eyes of suprised heroes. Usually by big bone shaped boulder falling from sky.