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Number 1 bestseller since ever.

What is it?

The maledictionary (not to be confused with the widely circulated "Ale-dictionary" and the ever amusing "Male-dictionary") is created as a companion guide for evil heroes. Contrary to being called a dictionary, it is actually a fashionable bi-monthly magazine that constantly redefines the boundaries of evil. They also have a nice little corner where you can find out the latest in evil fashions like the newly minted Suicide Watches that have recently appeared in the black markets.


The editors have not revealed themselves and insist on maintaining their anonymity. But it is widely believed that they belong to the evil guilds primarily Harvest Moon.


The magazine is widely circulated in all the towns of Godville but is read most widely in towns where Harvest Moon maintains the greatest influence.


The magazine is wholly owned by the various high-priests of Kyrin.