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Welcome to the GodWiki,

the divine encyclopedia of Godville, that can be edited by anyone.

Now the GodWiki has 1,973 articles, and gods are continuing their divine work,
enriching Godville's pages with the threads of their ingenious creations.

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Somersault through the navel is a combat skill. The hero leaps at the enemy's stomach while reaching in front of them. When they touch, the hero forces their hands inside and then moves them suddenly apart, causing serious damage. Then the hero finishes by hitting the floor and rolling forwards.


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Introduction to the GodWiki 

Welcome to the source of all Godville information. Anybody can edit any article here. If you have the time, we would like you to write a short article on a particular Monster, Artifact, Skill, Quest or piece of Equipment that has caught your eye. If you have no experience, then read the Creators Manual for a simple guide. Thank you for all your contributions! If you want to write one of your own articles from scratch, but don't know where to get started, why not take a look at the following guidelines to make sure that your article fits in with similar ones in the same category?

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