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Welcome to the GodWiki,

divine encyclopedia of Godville, that can be edited by anyone.

Now GodWiki has 2,863 articles, and gods are continuing to their divine work,
enriching Godville's annans with the threads of their ingenious creations.

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You will be logged in automatically if your hero has reached level 15. Your divine name shall be written at the top of the screen. If that didn't happen, try to login again and open this page. There is no need to register separately for the wiki.

Welcome to the source of all Godville information. Anybody can edit any article here. If you have the time we would like you to write a short article on a particular Monster,Artifact or piece of Equipment that has caught your eye. If you have no experience, then read the Creators Manual for a simple guide. Thank you for all your contributions!

Articles that need to be completely rewritten