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<p style="font-size:1.2rem; line-height: 1.4;"> Now the GodWiki has '''[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} {{plural:{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}|article|articles}}]]''', and [[gods|gods]] are continuing their divine work, enriching [[Godville|Godville's]] pages with the threads of their ingenious creations.</p></div>
<p style="font-size:1.2rem; line-height: 1.4;"> Now the GodWiki has '''[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} {{plural:{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}|article|articles}}]]''', and [[gods|gods]] are continuing their divine work, enriching [[Godville|Godville's]] pages with the threads of their ingenious creations.</p></div>
<div style="margin: 2px auto; columns: 3 8em; column-gap: 2em; overflow: auto;">
<div style="margin: 2px auto; columns: 3 9em; column-gap: 1em; overflow: auto;">
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<ul style="margin: 0; width: 9em;">
<li style="margin-left: 3em;">[[:Category:Gameplay|Gameplay]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 2em;">[[:Category:Gameplay|Gameplay]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 3em;">[[:Category:Pantheons|Pantheons]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 2em;">[[:Category:Pantheons|Pantheons]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 3em;">[[:Category:Galleries|Galleries]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 2em;">[[:Category:Galleries|Galleries]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 3em;">[[:Category:Backstage|Backstage]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 2em;">[[:Category:Backstage|Backstage]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 3em;">[[:Category:Technical|Technical]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 2em;">[[:Category:Technical|Technical]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 3em;">[[:Category:Gods|Gods]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 2em;">[[:Category:Gods|Gods]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 3em;">[[:Category:Heroes|Heroes]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 2em;">[[:Category:Heroes|Heroes]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 3em;">[[:Category:Guilds|Guilds]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 2em;">[[:Category:Guilds|Guilds]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 3em;">[[:Category:Quests|Quests]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 2em;">[[:Category:Quests|Quests]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 3em;">[[:Category:Geography|Geography]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 2em;">[[:Category:Geography|Geography]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 3em;">[[:Category:Monsters|Monsters]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 2em;">[[:Category:Monsters|Monsters]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 3em;">[[:Category:Artifacts|Artifacts]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 2em;">[[:Category:Artifacts|Artifacts]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 3em;">[[:Category:Skills|Skills]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 2em;">[[:Category:Skills|Skills]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 3em;">[[:Category:Auras|Auras]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 2em;">[[:Category:Auras|Auras]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 3em;">[[:Category:Equipment|Equipment]]</li>
<li style="margin-left: 2em;">[[:Category:Equipment|Equipment]]</li>

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Welcome to the GodWiki, the divine encyclopedia of Godville that can be edited by anyone.

Now the GodWiki has 2,969 articles, and gods are continuing their divine work, enriching Godville's pages with the threads of their ingenious creations.

Introduction to the GodWiki 

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For Godville game-related questions, the forums are usually better.

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Featured Article 

Beer Golem

Beer Golem many eyes.jpg

Little is actually known of the origins of the Beer Golem, and what the lore relates largely falls into the realms of rumor, myth, and innuendo. The usual story begins in the business of a rabbinical brewer and purveyor of beer, in a quiet, studious part of town.

The day the heroes discovered his pub, the day they discovered all unflavored beers to be kosher, and the day they got too drunk to understand or retain the concept of resting on the Sabbath... those three days were the worst of his life. The next Sabbath, while the people of the neighborhood were resting, heroes and heroines began to wander down the street in search of the rabbinical brewer’s wares.

The brewer, a gentle soul, tried to warn the heroes off, turning them away because they were certainly not angels to be entertained unaware.


Previously featured: Sailing -- Solar bear

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